When it comes to auto insurance, the options on the market are nearly endless. This company promises you lowered monthly rates, that company promises the best care, and they’re all scrambling to get you as their next customer. When it comes down to the wire, how are you supposed to decide which one will give you the most bang for your buck? Take a look below at four of the reasons you should take your time to invest in a good auto insurance.

Planning for Unusual Collisions

One unique type of insurance you will come across in your insurance hunt is known as collision insurance. Nerdwallet states that it isn’t required by state law, but it can be vastly beneficial to drivers by helping them plan for worst-case scenarios that don’t involve traditional vehicle-on-vehicle accidents. For example, if a tree falls on your car during a storm or you hit a fence, collision insurance will cover that. While some people might think it’s okay to overlook this, the entire point of insurance is to prepare for the worst. Collision insurance will make sure you aren’t in hot water if you happen to get unlucky.

Preparing for Circumstances Outside of Your Control

Usually bundled together with collision insurance, comprehensive insurance is great if you want to prepare for situations that you just can’t predict or control. This includes weather-related issues like hail or tornados, civil disturbances or riots, and crashing into animals. It can also include falling objects, fire, and hail. Also notable is the fact that comprehensive insurance will sometimes allow for the full value of your car to be paid if it’s ever stolen and cannot be recovered. This can be particularly beneficial to people who work or live in areas that have a high concentration of car thefts.

Defend Yourself against the Unprepared

Good auto insurance will typically include uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. Wallethub states that this can be pretty crucial to protecting your finances in the case of an accident because going up against a motorist with no insurance can leave you with the tab even if you weren’t at fault. This can take some drivers by surprise, especially if they purchase insurance with only themselves or the elements at the forefront of their concerns. Unfortunately, you need to keep other drivers in mind as well. One underinsured driver can sink you into a financial pit if you aren’t equipped to deal with them.

No Need to Break the Bank

Those who invest in personal local insurance coverage usually do so for one main reason: saving money in the event of an emergency. Many may go their entire lives without needing to reap the benefit of car insurance, and many more hope they’ll never have to use it even though they pay for the coverage. But in a pinch, having insurance to fall back on beats having to pay thousands out of pocket for a surprise accident. Good auto insurance will help you cover medical bills and damage done to personal property. It will also include property damage liability, injury liability, and more.

Some may find the idea of paying more per month off-putting. Some may even find the majority of auto insurance promises to be unnecessary, thinking that they’ll never get into the situations that those insurances cover. But if you want to be prepared for anything the road will throw at you, it’s important to consider every possible scenario you may face both on and off the road. You could find that the insurance you aren’t sure you need actually saves you from going into debt one day.