Auvoria Prime, you may have heard a lot about it in recently, you may have seen people promoting it by saying that it is a great way to make some easy cash. Auvoria Prime is all over social media, and we don’t blame you for doing that because the thing you see the most leave a mark in your mind.

People have a lot of questions in mind about Auvoria Prime, it’s the origin, and if it is a scam or not. Do not worry, we will tell you all about it in this Auvoria Prime review.

Auvoria Prime Review

It is a Multi-Level Marketing company that has a reboot of company name Eaconomy. Eaconomy was a trading bot launched a while back but felled apart due to some internal issues, now a guy named Sal Leto has relaunched it with the name of Auvoria Prime.

Sal Leto and his wife Vanessa are currently running this company, along with some people who defected from Eaconomy. Before this Sal Leto was Vice President of operations in Eaconomy, and even before that he was the one promoting Onecoin. While promoting Sal Leto is a person who doesn’t care if a company rip people off.

What does Auvoria Prime Offer?

Many people are curious about making easy money. Auvoria Prime has a business model of earning in two different ways. It offers access to automated returns as trading signals. By selling these products, company gets to earn commission over each sale.

The other way is to recruit more people to the scheme and build a chain of clients (Pyramid Scheme). Recruitment is the primary way to earn money in Auvoria Prime, which is not good. A person needs to attach more people under him and will get the percentage from the commission of sales done by them.

Getting paid is Auvoria Prime is not easy you must have to become an affiliate which requires Ainstien or Alexander Subscription. You get commission by selling packages to people, but for that you have to recruit three people paying monthly subscriptions either Ainstien or Alexander.

When you succeed managing people you’ll get commission as follows.

  • Ainstein or Alexander package = $40 commission
  • Sale of Airis doesn’t generate a commission
  • Sale of Hailey = $20 commission

Are there any cautions?

There are a lot of things to worry about while working with Auvoria Prime.

The people involved in this company are massive scammers. Sal Leto, was involved in a 4 billion dollar international ponzi scheme called Onecoin.

You need to register the proof of revenue to your governing bodies while Auvoria Prime doesn’t do that because they are lying about it.

No one is allowed to promote Auvoria Prime in the United States because it is not registered correctly. If you promote this company, you’ll be charged by securities fraud in US.


Auvoria Prime is definitely a scam. Sal Leto is known for promoting a lot of businesses that do not care to rip people off. If you have $189 a month to invest, you can invest it in any other reasonable business which is properly registered and gives proof of revenue to the governing bodies.