Fastbase Inc., incorporated on January 2015 and launched in June 2016, the company is revolutionizing website analytics. It offers powerful tools, and which accelerates B2B online marketing and generates extensive lead reports. The company is currently in the process to get listed on the London Stock Exchange. This will help the company to grow at an alarming rate and will help the company to position itself as one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in the world.

FBSE is built upon Google Analytics, which has resulted in more than 100,000 Google Analytics user sign-ups. The company through this has the permission to collect the information regarding the user or visitor data from more than 1,000,000 business websites.

The company then compiles the data from 2.7 Billion Web Visitors every month and provides millions of Quality Leads to more than 500,000 companies and top brands every day. The company thus provides the lead reports that comprises of extensive company profiles, information about visits, key clients that have a LinkedIn profile and an email address. FBSE is able to analyze more insights about the clients visited on the web.

Moreover, FBSE has the world’s largest and fastest-growing global business database. This database has data of 255 billion IP-addresses, 200 million companies, 350 million websites, and 500 million business contacts, emails, social profiles, etc.

Additionally, FBSE has retained Maxim Group LLC (Maxim) for providing general financial advisory and investment banking services.

Strong Management Team

Fastbase has a strong management team in Copenhagen with extensive experience. The CEO and Founder of the company is Rasmus Refer, who in the 90s had co-founded a global search engine and is the co-founder of WikiSoft Corp. (OTC: WSFT). Allan Fenger, another key personnel, was previously the part of Skype’s success story. He had managed both interface design and branding there. Lastly, Henrik Carstensen, the former Client Service Director at Ogilvy & Mather, is now managing all customer-facing activities of the company. The Fastbase, Inc. founders and management team had previously associated with successful technology entrepreneurs in Denmark like Skype, Just Eat, Zendesk, Simcorp, Navison, Unity Technologies, Tradeshift, and Sitecore.


Can Achieve Massive Growth

Within the duration of short and mid-term, the clients using Google Analytics and more than 900 AdWords from approximately 50 websites spends more than US$ 85 billion in a year. FBSE with permission from Google Analytics can handle the traffic of up to 80 billion visitors per day, which reflects high growth and sustainable market propositions.

Moreover, currently, more than 5 lakhs business websites in 138 countries makes use of FBSE for obtaining the required information about its website’s visitors. Fastbase have one new sign up in about one minute of the day, which reflects the exponential growth of the company. Further, 26% of Fortune 500 are making use of Fastbase analytics and 32% of Top 1000 Global Brands are using Fastbase

Meanwhile, FBSE has already crossed its competitor in the number of website visitors being analyzed. Over a period of two years, FBSE got huge success as approximately one million top brands are using its software for the identification of required website visitor data. Currently, the company is able to analyze Interactions from 6 Billion Web Visitors per month.

Additionally, there are approximately 1 billion websites worldwide, out of which it is estimated that 80M are B2B websites, which have the potential to become the customers for Fastbase. FBSE is currently working to tap this opportunity and is already in possession of contact information to these sites.

Plan for FY 19 & FY 20

During 2019, the company has set the goal under ‘Leads Relationship Management. Under this, the company will be launching a new lead generation platform that the market has never experienced or seen. This platform will be the most powerful tool on the internet which will provide the information like the potential customers existing today, tomorrow, and even can predict into the future. This platform is expected to be fully compatible with the leading CRM systems such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive and other applications using the Zapier app. The new platform is anticipated to get launched in mid-May 2019.

Fastbase, Inc. expects the subscriber growth to be more than 200% in 2019. The company’s goal is to underpin two million companies, top brands, and online agencies by the beginning of 2020.

In addition, for online marketing, the company intends to develop the Advanced AdWords tool, optimization of website content and B2B online shop content. On Data Management Platform, the company will make use of third-party data API.

Furthermore, in fiscal 2020, the company plans to offer segmented metadata on B2B internet, search and website behavior and interaction. The company will further develop B2B online shop content and Online campaign content. On Data Management Platform, the company will make use of Big Data analytics & Machine learnings. The company plans to reach Full Stack Self-service Data Management Platform by the first quarter of fiscal 2020.

Fastbase Stairway to heaven (source: Company Reports)

Gartner report

According to the Gartner report, 100 Data and Analytics Predictions Through 2021, the data and analytics programs is anticipated to become even more goal-oriented throughout businesses and across most industries in the coming years. The marketing analytics market is growing at a CAGR of 12.46% and is expected to reach 2.41 billion by 2020. The businesses are now increasingly dependent on analytics data that are provided by companies like SaaS web analytics leaders HubSpot and Fastbase, Inc. for accelerating efficient marketing campaigns and to boost sales. As per the report, Fastbase, in particular, has been leading for the development of the software, that requires users to collect, analyze, and publish big data in a useful and understandable format. For web analytics, sales, marketing, and lead generation, Fastbase is one of the biggest players to predict the future to grow companies and support innovation.

Potential in the Lead Industry

Fastbase is revolutionizing lead generation intelligence as it converts the static data into actionable information. This is through the use of real-time behavioral insights from prospects and customers. Using this behavioral data, the companies can better segment their customers, will able to enable digital personalization at scale.

Meanwhile, there is a market potential of $250 million B2B sites. The is potential in the lead industry on the back of 65% of the clients says lead generation is a top challenge, 53% say more than half their budget is allocated to lead generation, 58% say their lead budget will increase, 42% say lack of quality data is the biggest barrier to lead generation and 74% say converting leads is a top priority.


For the investors that are planning to invest in new tech stocks that have immense growth potential, the investor should go for SaaS analytics leader, Fastbase Inc. The company is projected to rise by 650% in 2019 as it has achieved success in terms of sign-ups, the number of visitors, etc.