MoneySite – An Ideal WordPress Finance Theme

MoneySite is a new WordPress finance theme designed for both small internet-based finance hubs and corporate firms, providing a high-quality and professional-looking product for any website.

Give it a try now and prepare to be amazed by how responsive it is.

The theme offers a range of customizable color schemes. The user-friendly interface and high responsiveness make navigation easy.

MoneySite utilizes a grid system for display, providing a well-structured, consistent, and intelligently spaced layout that enhances user experience.

Every theme is incomplete without social media integration, right?

Easy to customize footer and Widget options

MoneyStance comes with various footer styles. Don’t want to display footer? Not a problem! With MoneyStance, you get the control to enable and disable footer.
It allows you to display information using captivating widgets.

Feel free to add as many widgets as you want to make your website stand out in the market. Managing sidebars in MoneyStance is even smoother.

Add a sidebar, customize it and you are good. Enable and disable it whenever required.

Social media integration is essential for every theme, isn’t it?

Moneysite provides social media icons for popular sites to boost outreach and website engagement.