While bank loans are more popular, online title loans are easier to get because of its convenience and lack of credit stipulations. To get a title loan, all you need is a vehicle that is yours. The vehicle must be in decent condition and cannot have been used as collateral for any other loan.

At this point, you might already be wondering how to go from driving your own car to taking the bus or the subway. Well, there is good news for you; your car is still yours to drive. Just as it is called a title loan, you are only required to drop your car title. If you cannot find a lender near you, title loans are also offered online to make the process even easier.

Reasons for taking loans vary from person to person; people take loans for travel expenses, educational expenses, and many other things. Let us look at the top reasons why people opt for title loans online.

Unexpected Health Expenses

Without health insurance, a trip to the hospital can really take a lot out of you financially. Even with insurance, dental services, orthodontics, fertility treatments and other extensive procedures like chemotherapy, reconstructive surgery, and cosmetic surgery can still cripple your bank account with amount. For vehicle owners, urgent cash is not usually a problem, as they only need to visit a lending company. Once the vehicle to be used as collateral for the loan has been assessed, you will receive a car title loan to help you pay for unexpected medical expenses.

Housing Expenses

Once you have entered a mortgage contract, you have to pay when due or risk your house being foreclosed. We all know defaulting on rent payment will leave you searching for a new place in no time. Even moving to a new place can be expensive especially when it is a major long-distance relocation. As a car owner, overcoming these money problems are extremely easy and stress-free.

Vehicle Repairs

Most cars, motorcycles, trucks have to be fixed at some point, be it maintenance or a full bodywork and these problems cost a lot to repair. Many vehicle owners are not prepared to manage this unexpected cost and they need their vehicles to run errands and go to work. There is no need to fret when you are low on cash for solving these problems as you can turn in a vehicle for a title loan. Do not forget that the vehicle you choose to use as collateral must be in decent condition.

Funeral Expenses

There is nothing as unexpected as death. It can take the people you love at any time. As a living family or in some cases a friend, you have to give your loved ones a decent funeral. However, funeral costs can be intimidating even for the least possible service, as you will be covering the costs of funeral services, a casket, transportation, etc. At this point, owning a car can be the best thing as you can consider taking a car loan to cover funeral costs.


According to Pew Research, many Americans take out title loans especially during the summer and winter to pay for electricity and water bills. The bills for these utilities can skyrocket and you may run out of money to pay for them. Unlike other expenses, you cannot do without light or water and if you are unable to secure banks loans, collateral loans are usually the next best thing.

Title loans are highly favored because of how flexible and easy they are. While these might be amazing to hear, borrowers should not forget that these loans are to be repaid and these title loan companies have the right to repossess your vehicle at the end of the agreed time.