Creating an IRA account is a great idea for a long-term retirement plan. Given the relief of tax exemption, the investment in IRA accounts is an ideal choice for a worry-free retirement. In the world of IRA providers, you might be puzzled to choose the one that best suits you. In this listicle, we will judge five IRA services for Investors based on account limit, customer support, yearly fees and investment options.

1. Ally Invest

The browser-based company has several plus points that make it noteworthy. It has one of the least trade fee of $4.95, a required minimum balance of $0 and exemption of annual fee. This option also facilitates with its research and tools and a cash of fifty to thirty-five hundred. The IRA transfer and closure deduction of 25 and 50, respectively, maybe a red flag for some investors.

2. Betterment

The web-based trading platform is a robo advisor option that eases the process of IRA account management. Among its pros is a 1-year free monitoring bonus. 0.25% to 0.40% from total IRA account balance is charged depending on the plan you choose. Goal oriented saving and smart deposit are other eye-catching benefits.

3. Merill Edge

It is the child organization of Bank of America that has zero account minimum and offers a giveaway of one hundred to six hundred dollars. One login will fit both the accounts of Bank of America and Merill Edge. Merill Edge has its own place in the IRA list but this option does have a few drawbacks. The exchange-traded fund is not commission free and an amount is necessary for day trading. The $6.95 transaction fee of this choice may discourage some IRA investors too.

4. Vanguard

With a revenue of three trillion dollars, the asset management company is among the biggest IRA provider. It also secures a place in the most satisfactory investment companies and has a low expense ratio. At least $3000 is required to set up an account, and the commission fee of $20 for low amount accounts is also a downside. So Vanguard may not be suitable for low-budget IRA investors.

5. Universal Coin and Bullion

The company, founded in 1994, also makes it to the list of top IRA investment options. It deals with precious metal bars and coins. The main reason behind investing in gold and silver is their world-wide rising prices. Universal Coin and Bullion delivers a range of coins including American Eagle, Buffalo, pamp and mint bars. Although IRAs are offered and they look promising and risk-free, but the fees are not mentioned.


Your final decision depends on whether you want to go for a DIY IRA company or a robo-advisor investment organization. On the other hand, multiple IRA accounts is an option to be on the safer side. Our pick from the list of 5 for individual retirement account would be Universal Coin and Bullion. This is particularly due to its computer-based robo advisor nature and riskless investment.