Running a business is never a walk in the park and there is no exact formula to making it work, as you will know only too well if you have been running yours for some time now.  Even if you are just setting up a new business, you should be aware of that.  However, there are five things you can have in place that will help give your business the best chance to be successful as possible.

Realistic Budget

When you are starting and running your own business, you need to pay just about everyone else before you actually pay yourself.  If your business isn’t making money and paying the bills, it can’t exist.  You have to take on board that it could be as much as two years of business before you ever see any of the money yourself.  This means you need to work out a realistic budget for yourself.  You need to cut down your spending as much as possible.

Chartered Accountant

Following on from the above, in order to help you to get your personal and business finances organised so you can stay afloat and work towards making profit, you need to avail yourself of the services of a chartered accountant.  Reputable Bolton accountants have the experience and qualifications to help you to stay on track with and can also help to assist you and guide you to make smart decisions when it comes to spending and investing.

Marketing Plan

There is a surprising amount of new businesses that start up without having a clear idea how they are going to promote and advertise their services or products and therefore spend a whole lot of time spinning their wheels without going anywhere.  It is crucial that you don’t make the same mistake and you can avoid doing this by having a marketing budget in place.  Please note that there does not have to be a large budget in the beginning, but there has to be some money in place.

Strategy For Sales

Although you ultimately want people to know exactly what your business is all about, what it is offering and what they can get out of it – it is not enough, if you don’t know how to close deals.  If you are not making any sales, your company will not stay in the black for very long.  You need to work hard to ensure that your business has sales infrastructure – proposals, sales contracts, sales scripts and anything else you need to ensure people get your products in their hands.


You should know right now that when you have your own business, to make it successful, you are going to work much harder than you ever worked in your life.  It is not completely uncommon for 7 hour working weeks and 12 hour working days.  It is best therefore, to put on hold any plans to launch a business if you are struggling with major problems within your family, or are suffering from a serious illness or disease or anything else that might hold you back from putting the necessary work in.