As the reliance on technology and digital tools has increased, an average user today spends a minimum of 100 minutes a day on using social media sites and applications. This has been made convenient by the introduction of apps. In this article, we are going to talk about the progress and value of applications known as ‘Dating apps and sites’. Since the launch of sites such as Tinder and Match, the world of dating has changed.

These apps provide users the opportunity to find partners and meet people. Many of the users have found their soul mates through the app. However, since the app is available for free, one main question arises i.e. How do the developers earn and how to create a dating application? Through this article, we are going to understand the few challenges these developers face when earning revenue from free applications.

Methods for earning

The main reason why a user pays for a service is that he/she may find it valuable. But in this case, it is hard to evaluate the actual value of a dating site. This is true because the experience of each user is different. Some people may find luck soon after they start using the app, while others may not find the app dependable. Therefore, not each user will be willing to pay for a service that might not yield results right away. Research has suggested that there are 5 main areas that the developers can earn from.


Apps can charge the users for paid memberships that may be charged annually or monthly. The app can attach specific criteria to the payment that can help users take advantage of full services. It has been noted that paid memberships attract a limited number of consumers especially those who are interested in serious relationships and are looking for likewise partners.


One great way to generate revenue is to provide a limited usage offer for free to the users. Once the users have used up their limit, they are fairly acquainted with the app. It is easier to charge users for a service they experienced using. For example, a dating app may allow the user to use 20 swipes for free. Once the user has swiped 20 times, the app may display a payment option to continue using the app.


Majority of the apps and social media sites earn mainly through advertising and affiliate markets. The developers can earn each time a user clicks, swipes or views an item. Another mode that apps can earn through is allowing ads to be shown to the users. These are two of the most common sources of earning on social media sites and apps. This may include the promotion of events such as concerts, etc. Another way to advertise is to suggest places where partners can take their dates to including; restaurants, movies etc.


It is rational to associate gifting items with the idea of dating. When a user finds a person to date, there is a higher possibility that they may purchase gifts for their dates as well. One convenience that dating apps provide is the opportunity to order and buy gifts directly from advertisers on the app. This increases the business of both the sites as well as advertisers. Apart from physical and material gifts, users are sometimes given the option to send and deliver digital gifts for small amounts of payment.

Add on features

Sometimes users wish to learn more about the options (partners) they can see before making a decision. The application can provide deals and features that may allow users to access more information about potential partners. And the app can charge for it. For example, if a user wishes to learn more about the past relationships with a partner they can make a small payment. The app can then provide the user access to details of the profile which may include the relevant information.

Dating apps aim to help people find suitable partners. The apps provide safety to the users and give an opportunity to interact and connect with people who might be looking for similar characteristics. The main sources of revenue mentioned above are the basic methods through which apps are earning. However, earnings are not just limited to these methods. Dating apps were established on the basis of a unique idea. And another idea can help the apps earn more and improve services.