Whether it is about improving lifestyle, paying the bills or buying a new car, most of us need the assistance of personal loans at some point in our lives.

Bad Credit Personal Loans with Instant decision

Personal loans are those loans that are not secured by collateral. A collateral works just like a mortgage. It could be anything that has a value. For instance, your car, house or any other valuable asset can be collateral. But in personal loans, the only guarantee that you provide is a promise that you will pay back eventually. This is why personal loans are also called ‘unsecured loans.’ However, there are guarantor loans that also come under the category of personal loans. Guarantor loans are secured by the guarantee of a close relative or friend.

Do you qualify for it even with a bad credit?

Since personal loan solely relies on a promise of repayment, applying for it with a bad credit could be tricky.

Worry not, MoneyStance now provides personal loans regardless of your credit history.

Amazing, right?

Here are the briefs of the loan providers we have in store for you:

Personal Loans We Recommend

Zippa loans is a trusted personal loan providing service. You can choose the amount you would like to borrow and your chosen repayment period from monthly or weekly to suit your budget. Once applied, you will receive an answer by text or e-mail on your application within 2 hours from the time of your application reaches.

Morses Club offers cash loans and is one of the leading home credit providers in the UK. The support at Morses Club will make the application process extremely easy. New customers can borrow up to £400. Existing customers could borrow up to £1000 subject to approval. Actual loan offer will depend on your personal circumstances. MoneyStance brings you a personal loan provider that you can trust.

Everyday Loans offers easy loans to bad credit holders. It does not charge any sort of fee to consider applications. Be it a tenant or a person living with parents, Everyday Loans can be used by everyone. It gives you a conditional decision in minutes.

If you want to compare loan options available to you based on your credit history then Flexi Finance is the right option for you. You just need to enter your details and the system behind Flexi Finance will search through a panel of lenders. From a multitude of options to choose from, go with the one that matches your requirements.


WizzCash is a renowned money lender of UK. It also offers short-term loans. Short term loans are those loans that can be paid in small monthly installments, usually between 3 months to within a year. This also implies that the longer your borrowing window, the more you will end up paying for it. Due to FCA’s new standards, the daily interest rate can’t exceed 0.8%. So you don’t have to worry about the interest too much with short-term loans.

Checklist for Applying to get a Personal loan

Different loan providers have different terms and conditions for lending money. But before you consider applying for a personal loan, make sure you fulfill at least these requirements:

  • You must be 18 years or older
  • Yes, age is a prerequisite. Your lender has to make sure that you are making an informed decision and won’t turn make on repaying.
  • You have a regular income
  • Majority of the lenders would want a proof of your regular income. This ensures that you will repay the borrowed money without delaying it.
  • Details of your current financial situation must be accessible
  • In order to ensure transparency and build trust between the borrower and lender, the financial situation of the borrower must be known and accessible.

Affordability Checks on Personal Loans

Affordability check is an important filter attached to personal loans. The lender will have to have something to believe that you can return as much as you are borrowing. This check accesses the applicant’s financial condition. The application is thoroughly evaluated to ensure that the money will be repaid without any fuss. The evaluation process usually involves the confirmation of the employment status and the salary figure mentioned in the application. All your financial means are then weighed against the applicant’s expenditures. This gives the basic idea of how much can the applicant pay per month for the repayment pool.

Why go for a personal loan?

When stuck in a bad financial situation and need cash without much of a hassle, personal loans can be a lifesaver. Unlike credit cards and payday lenders, personal loans have less strict policies.  Credit cards and payday lenders can exhaust you financially when it comes to paying them back. In this regard, personal loans are affordable. However, you may think that personal loans won’t get you money as instantly as other types of lenders but at least it will not stress you out when paying back.

In the majority of the instances, people go for personal loans to consolidate existing loans. For that, you will be much relieved with personal loans as they provide lower interest rates than other lending options.

MoneyStance provides personal loans that will give you cash as soon as within three days of applying.