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The MoneyStance Contributor Rewards Incentive Program is designed to award members who review the money-making opportunities they have explored and valuably contribute on the forums and/or with a blog.  The shared experiences of many will ultimately reveal what opportunities are worth pursuing. Moneystance.com cannot achieve its three goals (Archive, Review, and Educate) without you.  This FREE Rewards System is a “Thank You!” from the MoneyStance.com staff and our readers to members who have knowledge, experience, and contribute to this combined effort.

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Earning Points
For Registered Members Only
Limited Time 500 point Bonus All new users will receive 500 extra points for posting their first User Review. 50 points – Successfully Submitting an Independent Review
100 points –
Per New Forum Topic
100 points – Per Forum Topic Reply
100 points – Per New User Review
100 points – Per New Blog Comment
200 points – Per New Blog Entry
300 points – Per Editorial Review (In addition to any paid contract)
1000 points – Freely joining the NoBS Money Club
Moderator Determined – Additional points may be awarded by a moderator for exceptional user reviews and valuable forum and blog participation.

Contributor Rewards

Upon earning points from any of the methods above, users will be eligible for free rewards based on a variety of Tiers.  Upon achieving the requirements for each Tier, please submit an access request via the contact form.  A moderator will review your account and validate that all points are legitimate (i.e. no spam). Once approved, your account will be promoted to the eligible tier, and you may access all of the free rewards for that tier.  Keep in mind, new tiers and rewards will be add periodically…so check back often.

Registration Rewards Tier 
(Requirements: Register)

Excel Spreadsheet – A detailed budget planning and tracking sheet fully equipped with instructions and automated calculations. Download Budget Spreadsheet
 Application – 597 Business & Personal Letter Templates can be generated and edited using this software tool.  Download 597 Templates
Ebook – How to increase sales of an affiliate product by using article marketing to find subscribers and draw of highly targeted visitors.  Download Article Marketing Course Ebook – Exploring rental properties working for you, sweat equity, times of inflation, using other peoples money, structuring a business, and tax savings. Download Real Estate Investing

Contributor Rewards Tier I (Requirements: 1000 points)
Submit Access Request   –  Enter Tier I Rewards Zone

*CAPTCHA no longer required for posting.
Mastering the Adwords Cash Mountain Get Paid to Golf
Ebook – This book teaches you to master Adwords and display a targeted sign to the traffic generated by millions of searches per day.  Enter Tier I to download Mastering the Adwords Cash Mountain Ebook – If you cannot make the PGA tour you can still make a living playing golf and you don’t even have to win. Enter Tier I to download Get Paid to Golf
Words to Profits  Becoming an Entrepreneur
Ebook – Exploiting the magical power of words for people manipulation, easy cash, and long term profits.  Enter Tier I to download Words to Profits Ebook – Everything you need to know about being an Entreprenuer including growth potential without waste and time management.   Enter Tier I to download Entrepreneurship
Foreign Exchange Manual  232 Free Logos
Tutorial – A Forex Currency Trading manual for successful profits online.  Enter Tier I to download Forex Training Manual Images – A collection of 232 free and unique logos to edit and use as you wish.  Enter Tier I to download the logos

Contributor Rewards Tier II
(Requirements: 3000 points and have freely joined the NoBS Money Club)
Submit Access Request   –  Enter Tier II Rewards Zone

  Internet Marketing Profit Plan
Eligible for Paid Editorial Reviews – Contract offer dependent on the quality of user contributions and determined by MoneyStance.com staff.  Details found here Ebook – You must learn to be a real online marketer by doing the most profitable activities, saying the right things in an email, avoiding web 2.0 risks, and dodging beginner mistakes.  Enter Tier II to download The Internet Marketing Profit Plan
 Underground Twitter Secret Manifesto  One Month to Your Own Online Business
Ebook – Twitter marketing secrets to ethically get free targeted viral traffic on auto pilot.  Enter Tier II to download Underground Twitter Secret Manifesto Ebook – Learn how you can start your very own online internet marketing business in less than one month.  Enter Tier II to download this one month plan
Website Template Design All About Squidoo
Guide – Comprehensive walkthrough on designing websites and templates.  Enter Tier II to download the Help Center Ebook – How to properly use Squidoo and create lens that will increase traffic, sales, and profits.  Enter Tier II to download All About Squidoo
Mom's Working Online eZine Success Secrets
Ebook – A guide for Moms to find a work at home job or begin a work at home business online.   Enter Tier II to download Mom’s Working Online Ebook – Learn how to make insane profits advertising in eZine Articles.  Enter Tier II to download eZine Success

Contributor Rewards Tier III
(Requirements: 8000 points and have freely joined the NoBS Money Club)
Submit Access Request   –  Enter Tier III Rewards Zone

Tier III is in development and will launch shortly.  In addition to free downloadable rewards, you can expect Member Blogs to be eligible for performance based payments.  If your blog is of great quality and your account has received access to Contributor Rewards Tier III, a MoneyStance.com staff member will contact you to discuss taking part in the program.  


Disclaimer: MoneyStance.com reserves the right to modify the point value of contributions, award points for promotional opportunities, add additional ways to accumulate points, remove a point-earning opportunity, and add or subtract user points if a contribution is not of quality as determined by a moderator. SPAM reviews and Forum posts will not be tolerated and may result in the banning of your account and the removal of all accumulated points. MoneyStance.com also reserves the right to periodically modify, remove, and add free rewards in each tier; or add additional tiers as required by the community.

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