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Yahoo Small Business Merchant Solutions Review Yahoo Merchant Solutions Claim: Yahoo’s Small Business offers PC Magazine's Editor's Choice "Merchant Solutions" as a complete ecommerce package for selling online and bringing your business onto the internet. Yahoo Merchant Solutions is perfect for an entrepreneur, the small business that wants an online presence, and large organizations that wish to save on the cost of IT infrastructure and man hours. Businesses spend on average 5% to 8% of their profits to maintain their ecommerce systems and staff. However, with Yahoo Merchant Solutions the maintenance cost is just 0.75% to 1.5% for the same or better quality ecommerce solution. Starter, Standard, and Professional packages range in features designed for Moms and Dads working from home to large scale multimillion dollar online empires. The plans include progressively more features for online selling power and a bigger bang for your buck. Some of the features include: an easy to use ecommerce wizard and product details page, customizable store design, payment processor of credit debit and PayPal, free marketing and promotion of your store through a variety of Yahoo powered tools and partnerships, free traffic driving technologies, order processing and shipping, web analytics and tracking, inventory management, and first rate security. Yahoo’s Small Business provides this one stop shop for merchants to sell online easily, affordably, and successfully. Try now and we’ll knock 35% off all Merchant Solution Packages and waive the $50 setup fee.


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Official Site:

Yahoo! Inc.
ecommerce website
$25.97 - $194.97 depending on package
No obligation, cancel anytime
8/10 initial post first impression rating.
Subject to change upon Editorial Review.

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Devin Comiskey
"It's by no means the cheapest e-commerce solution available but is feature-rich and easy to use once you get the hang of it."
"Only 3 out of every 100,000 SERP pages about Yahoo Merchant Solutions says that this ecommerce hosting sucks"

Parinda Research
"You don't have to opt for the standard or Professional Plan from day 1 but it's a comforting thought when you think that you can upgrade at anytime to one of these two and save money."

PC Magazine
"If you want lots of options for building a rich and customized e-commerce site, Yahoo! Merchant Starter is a good choice. Just keep in mind the extra per-transaction fees."
"Yahoo Merchant Solutions biggest asset is it's technical platform and #1 market position. Yahoo Merchant Solutions has reliability, security, features, and functionality that are unmatched in the industry."

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Sounds like an interesting


Sounds like an interesting bargain. Yahoo will definitely gain more with this new feature that  meets the needs of those highly interested in ecommerce. I'm completely aware of the advantages of having a merchant account, the maintenance and transaction fees are significantly lower whilst the payment processing is also improved. We can't get better than that...

I have never used yahoo for

I have never used yahoo for anykind of merchant or payment solutions. Is it similar to Google Wallet?

It's a solid service


Regarding the price I do like to say that it is very possible to find deals such as 0.3% per transaction or even lower. I think their true selling point is the service which they provide. I have had a lot of headaches from some of their competitors which I've worked with and none of them will give you the experience you get with a company like Yahoo. The problem I think is that they failed to market this service properly and it just slipped among the rest of the hundreds of credit card processing companies out there. When one things about processing payment you immediately remember names like PayPal and this is the brand effectiveness which they need to be fighting for.

Yahoo Merchant Solutions

I am looking at Yahoo Merchant Solutions and would like to have 2 websites that sell the same products so to save time updating products I want to know if the two sites can share the same products catalog making it only necessary to change products/add products once and have it update both sites.

I've been using yahoo

I've been using yahoo merchant solutions for a long time and I have always been pleased with their credit card processing services. Once I setup my account with my website and my web designer was able to connect the shopping cart, everything ran smoothly. I recommend their services to all my other friends who own a business.

Yahoo stores are profitable

I have been using Yahoo for my websites for about 5 years and having compared just about everything out there. I have found it to be the easiest to use. I also discovered that my products show up very high on all of the search engines within a week of adding them. Combined with the professional look you can develope using their site design tool it positions you to be profitable and fast. I made a profit in my first month and my profit has climbed since.

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