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Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Wealthy Affiliate University Claim: Wealthy Affiliate started in 2005 and claims to be the #1 rated Internet Marketing Training Program available, and currently teaching tens of thousands of people how to earn money online marketing their own product or someone else’s. Wealthy Affiliate focuses on the successful techniques of selling products and building businesses online. The program has helped thousands of people earn an extra $500 to $15,000 per month through education and hard work, not get rich quick lunacy. Wealthy Affiliate University contains almost 400 training courses including tutorials, guides, videos, and e-books addressing just about every aspect of making money online, such as pay per click marketing, article marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, research, website development, website hosting, WA system tutorials, easy to follow action plans, and much more. Wealthy Affiliate also provides members with a variety of proprietary tools, such as; NicheQ, a professional research report on the hottest Niches online; WA Jobs, freelance work; Free Web Hosting, pays for the membership itself; Free Blog and FaceBook(ish) community profile and network, Rapid Writer System, a content creation and spinning tool; and Personal Coaching and support from the founders and community. If you were to purchase everything separately, it would cost you well over $1,300, but Wealthy Affiliate offers all of this for only $47 per month.


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Kyle & Carson of WealthyAffiliate.com
Affiliate Marketing Course, Webspace, and Tools
$47 Gold, $97 Platinum monthly, yearly discounts
No obligation, cancel anytime
9/10 initial post first impression rating.
Subject to change upon Editorial Review.

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Editorial Wealthy Affiliate University Review

WealthyAffiliate.com queued for review by a MoneyStance Editor.


Independent Wealthy Affiliate University Reviews

Declan Costello
"WA actually have pages of posts responding to users’ specific questions and offering advice."

"My friend Marcus, who you can get coaching from at Wealthy Affiliate, earns over $14,000 a month online."

"There's no need to feel overwhelmed, within weeks of joining WA the concepts covered in this review will come as second nature to you and you'll finally start making money."

"Wealthy Affiliate is the most highly recommended and popular Internet Marketing community online - Bar None."

"I can say in all honesty for anyone wondering if there is a Wealthy Affiliate scam going on, Wealthy Affiliate is Scam FREE."

James Law
"In my time at Wealthy Affiliate, the worst thing I encountered was when a few members would embellish their success to the new sign-ups so that they would buy their product out of fear of failing."

Rachel Moore
"Reality check people, Wealthy Affiliate isn't perfect. I know that just about all the Wealthy Affiliate University reviews that you read laud the system to high heaven, you have to go into it knowing that it’s created and run by human beings who aren’t perfect themselves."

Ryan Moran
"This 8-week course is simple enough to be understood by even the very beginner, and thorough enough to take you to the six-figure mark."

The Money Reviews
"A 10 of 10, Wealthy Affiliate has been deemed as the most undervalued resource for making money online, and they are likely to raise the price in the near future."

"97/100 - In all honesty I am still scratching my head as to why Kyle and Carson are short changing themselves. The value of Wealthy Affiliate far exceeds the $39/month or $29/month (one year up front)." Note: the price increased on June 7 2010

"I have never seen so many...success stories as with Wealthy Affiliate. “Made my first sale!”…”Had my first $100 day!”…”I am making $250 a day consistently!”…are all very common at the Wealthy Affiliate forum"

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Bouch's picture
Editoral Reviewer Comment


I wanted to share with everyone an email I received from the editor tasked with reviewing Wealthy Affiliate University.

“Good Morning Bouch

First of all, thank you for providing me access to Wealthy Affiliate and hiring me to write another editorial review for MoneyStance.com.  My last review of Maverick Money Makers was a joy to write and you have been too kind in your compliments.  However, I must say that I need to reevaluate how I’m rating some of these opportunities.  I gave Maverick Money Makers a 9.3 and at the time the program certainly deserved it, but after seeing what is inside Wealth Affiliate, I may need to reconsider my score of MMM.  

Wealthy Affiliate University has set the benchmark higher than Maverick Money Makers and it costs half the price.  Could I stay a member for more than 8 weeks so that I can complete the review of the entire University and also the 8 week action plan?  I’ve finished week 6 and I’m optimistic of the success for the other 2 weeks.  This way I’ll be able to show some progressive successes for the Editorial Review to come.  

The initial impression of a 10/10 is spot on, but I may need to deduct a half a point or so for a few minute reasons.  All and all, Wealth Affiliate is superior to Maverick Money Makers so I hope I can make adjustments as needed.  I feel a dynamic review archive is best as new products and techniques to make money are always being released and some opportunities may lose value and should lose rating as well.  

Let me know what you think


If anyone is interested in being hired to write editorial reviews please see Tier II of the Contributor Rewards Program.


Thankful for WA


I have spent the last 2 years as a WA member and the time has simply flown by. I remember the first day I joined very well as it was to be my last attempt at making this online dream happen. I had made a few sales prior to joining, but nothing consistent. Joining WA was an opportunity to get the necessary educate from 2 of the best in the business.  

It took around 10 months of WA schooling to get my act together and reach my earnings goal for the end of the year.  In addition to the mass amount of educational resources, the members of WA have also inspired me in some way. It could be something as simple as a new member expressing their hunger in an introductory post to the community, or one of my friends sending a PM that they’ve made another sale. I love it!

WA is an amazing vision and definitely the most resourceful place to make money online, not to mention the best bang for your buck.  On a personal note, the creators Kyle and Carson have always given me straight answers when I’ve asked questions.  In 2 years, I’ve paid WA around $700 to be a member, and in exchange I learned how to generate 6 figures per year and made the most incredible network of friends.


Is WA Worth MyTime and Money?

Say what you want to about Wealthy Affiliate. You have those first amendment rights, you know.(At least here in the US) In my opinion WA has got just about everybody beat in the 'learning to earn' department.

 Even though I get miffed sometimes about how slow some issues get resolved, or questions might go unanswered for an undue length of time, or I get 'frustrated' with techniques I might not fully understand.

Still, WA is still about the best thing I've found on the net when it comes to learning about this thing we all know as marketing.

Your thing might be Internet marketing. If it is, think about all the money you would spend, digging out all the tools you require from the hundreds or possibly thousands of the 'next big thing'.

 Look at all the wasted time you could spend (and time = Money) investigating all the latest secrets the GURUS don't want you to know about. Secrets, my big ol' butt. If it was a secret how in the world did it wind up being sold for such a paltry sum of cash. (If I had a secret I would sell it for a whole lot of dinero. Enough to keep me in lottery tickets for the next year or so.) Even with the free stuff ( and I will be the first to admit, some of it is pretty good) there is still a learning curve. Sometimes it's limited to bare bones teaching and if you want more, you're going to have to pay for the meat, and the price of meat can get pretty high.

The same concepts apply when it comes to Article Marketing. There are more than several places you can go to learn  how to become omniscient. That's the promise anyway.  Even if  you don't know shit from shoe polish, with the right amount of  your hard earned money, you will learn how to write articles which will get you top rankings on the almighty "You Know Who." (I dare not say the name) Of course, if it don't happen it's not the fault of the instruction. You know that.

I like WA. I like the community, and all the people within the community. (well, almost) I see WA as a "one stop shopping store" I can get everything I need right here. Teachers, critics, mentors, comedians, ideas, SEO help, IM help, and the list goes on. Did I mention encouragement and motivational behavioral therapy?

Makes things less complicated all the way around.

And I like that.


So,Yes, I can say WA is worth my time and money.

(I certify I did not receive any compensation in money, favors, lottery tickets, refreshment, or illegal substances for the above posting from anybody you know, and if I did, I wouldn't say so anyway)

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