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Trump University Review Trump University Claim: Trump University teaches the Trump way of earning wealth and features online courses, live seminars, step-by-step strategies, and expert hands on guidance to make your own riches. The faculty is made up of Fortune 500 senior executives, outstanding entrepreneurs, and professors from the world's leading educational institutions. Trump University centers around making money in real estate through courses, coaching, tax liens, and foreclosures; and in business through entrepreneurial education, business planning, business management, and purchasing a franchise. The money making potential gained from Trump University is due to the philosophy “learn by doing”. Each online course includes assignments that consist of work that a real professional would do. The knowledge acquired will allow you to turn your dreams into the financial future you deserve.


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"The curriculum for every module is pre-recorded, and the little bit of time you have to ask additional questions is limited."

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"Trump University is not an accredited program, meaning you won't actually get a real degree or college credits upon completion."

TrumpU's Real Estate 101 review
"If you just want to be a run of the mill landlord on a run of the mill property, this book's not interested in talking to you."

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The 20 Tips to Trump THEM

The 20 Tips to Trump THEM Reports about people being scammed by Trump University are rampant all over the Internet and additionally on this site. So are not alone!! Like you, I was scammed out of tens of thousands and after realizing the atrocities of the deception and fraud have been fighting back. If you join me in this fight against Trump University, we can make a difference. I created this list because after researching myself I obtained some invaluable ideas from posters online but nothing was compiled all in one place. I realized I could help be part of the solution by sharing all of the information I acquired myself through meticulous hard work and investigation. This is a tribute to the "little guy" that can and will fight back!! If you haven't already this is what you can do to report Trump University and help investigative authorities string together a case so they prevent others from sharing the same fate as us, and even possibly recover your funds. I have some of the research for you so if you've been frustrated all you must do is follow the steps below and you may very well see funds returned. It is very important to report to EVERY agency below so that this matter reaches enough ears that eventually they are stopped from hurting people during this economic depression. This may take a bit of your time, but I promise it will result in helping every one of us as if the Attorney General sees enough complaints with his office and all of the other NY offices and has enough complaints to develop a case, there is often victim restitution of funds. But there needs to be enough victims complaining so please forward this email to others you know who are in need of getting their funds recovered! There is also a class action lawsuit option that we could instigate...see below. Do not expect an immediate refund and do not get discouraged. If they know you will not stop, they will reimburse you because it won't be worth their time to continue going back and forth arguing. This may mean 20-30 contacts but don't give up! The more people are sending numerous emails, making calls, and mailing letters, the more powerless Trump University becomes so have at it! Remember, by staying active and on top of things through follow up, you create waves with all of these agencies and they have no choice but to investigate. Please note: the contacts below are all for NY but you may also try contacting your state's offices as well particularly if you attended a Trump University seminar in your state and see what can be done. But first and foremost, the matters need to be reported to the the state of New York where Trump University is headquartered as only they really have jurisdiction over the matter. Remember... POWER IS IN THE PEOPLE!!! We can all make the difference together! 1. Create a detailed letter explaining from beginning to end why you are dissatisfied, what was promised versus provided, and details/dates of each contact you've had with Trump U and their response as well as your attempts to resolve these disputes. Reference the law whenever possible if you have knowledge of your state's civil and business and professions codes or just Google this and research terms of law you think apply. Print out all email correspondence and include it with your letter as well as online complaints from others. Create a convincing package as though you are going to court with all kind of evidence you can think of including copies of the contracts, any book materials or verbiage that supports your claim etc... Just create one letter and mail the same letter and package to everyone to save time. 2. Report Trump University to the New York Better Business Bureau: Better Business Bureau Serving Metropolitan New York (New York, NY) 257 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10010-7384 Phone: (212)533-7500 Fax: (212)477-4912 Email: Web: 3. Report Trump University to the New York State Consumer Protection Agency (they act as a mediator similar to the BBB): 4. Report Trump University to the New York District Attorney (DA): (it is best to write them at Manhattan DA, attn:Special Prosecutions Bureau, One Hogan Place, New York, NY 10013) 5. Report Trump University to the New York Attorney General: (emailing this form will get you a response but the best thing to do is mail your concern with proof to: Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's Office, Bureau of Consumer Frauds and Protection, 120 Broadway, 3rd Flr, New York, NY 10271) 6. Contact your local media, the NY TIMES, and 60 MINUTES with your story. Tell them about the real estate fraud post bank fraud and in the midst of mortgage and loan mod fraud then bring Trump University into the story. Tell them how this real estate story is tied to national news that affects everyone. You can also find Call for Action media resources in your city at: 7. Tell Trump University if they don't refund you you will post negative feedback on, among others if you have not already. TV news producer, attorneys, even the FBI among others regularly search the sites to compile evidence for cases/reports. 8. Contact your credit card or bank and file a dispute...don't worry if it's past 60 days, many will investigate as they are supposed to otherwise you can remind them about TARP bailout funds and their obligation to you. Compile the evidence of the laws to send to them with your story and print all the negative reviews from the complaint boards you have posted on as well as others. If the bank from your account or credit card refuses to help, report them to the body of the FDIC that regulates this: the OCC (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency) at as the banks received money from TARP and federal bailout money and this is taxpayer money, they are held to a higher standard and they must honor consumer's requests. 9. Report Trump University to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC): 10. Report Trump University to the Department of Justice (DOJ): (email to ) 11. Report Trump University to the Federal Bureau of Investigation: Write to the Washington DC headquarters and email the NY (Manhattan) local office: (email: ) 12. Report Trump University to your State Senator and Congressman (not NY's): Find them here: and Note whether they are Democratic or Republican and how they have voted on past issues so as to pick the Senator or Congressman who will most likely want to take action. 13. Report Trump University to the various nationwide consumer advocate agencies including Consumer Action at who will forward your story to the media for you, National Association of Consumer Advocates at who get daily requests from media, Congress and state legislators for stories on consumer abuse to help fight it. 14. Send Trump University a letter from your attorney on your attorney's letterhead stating they you are seeking restitution for damages simply in the form of a refund and will not pursue further legal course for any amount above and beyond as long as you receive a FULL REFUND. This should cost a few hundred dollars but is well worth so Trump University knows you are serious enough to sue. 15. Contact the following top, high profile class action law firms listed below and if they move forward give them all of the posts such as this that you find, or pass on information if you do hear of a class action law firm trying to pursue this matter here so we may all get on the case. The more a law firm feels confident in a case, the more they will want to pursue it. If they have hundreds of people willing to participate and already have evidence of stacks of complaints being filed with agencies throughout New York, they will more likely want to put in the effort that a class action requires (tons of discovery and maybe a year of work or more). Remember, if a class action is actually filed, the chances of a settlement making all of us financially whole is great as over 90% of civil cases filed never go to trial and are settled out of court. I would suggest reporting to all of these firms as many firms may need to be contacted prior to taking on such a case: (fill out online can remain anonymous but if you want to partake in any action it's best to leave them your contact information), (email or call), (email and include your name), (contact Gerald Silk per link at bottom of page by email or phone) 16. If all else fails (give everything above a minimum of 3-6 months), then file with the NY small claims court for a maximum verdict of $5,000...while for many this is a small amount compared to the typical $15,000-$50,000 expenditure, it is better than nothing and requires a small filing fee and plane ticket (you can return in the same day to save on hotel). While this is out of pocket money, it is well worth it to receive thousands back but you decide. Chances are a Trump University rep may never show as they are wasting valuable office time particularly if they get many filings and requests to appear and without an appearance my understanding is that you automatically win but you should confirm this directly with the court If you do win and have trouble collecting funds, then hire a collections agency for free (Google collections agency) who will take somewhere between 30-40% to collect the funds only once they are collected. 17. If you are really angry, feel free to PROTEST at the entrance of the hotels where the Trump University seminar "retreat" atrocities are being conducted should one come back to your town. Grab a group of others in your area and have at it. This is considered free speech and a constitutional right if you have an opinion but if you are fearful of slander, research the law before going. 18. Last but not least be careful about signing any agreement between you and Trump University that they may send your way BEFORE receiving a cashier's check that you receive and cash as I have heard of some tales of this. Do not let them scam you again removing all of your rights to sue them, report them to regulatory agencies etc... until you receive repayment in full. 19. If at any time anyone from Trump University tells you to stop contacting them or refers you to their outside counsel/law firm which they very well might if you are this persistent, realize this is an attempt to stop you and don't stop, but also do not further contact them as this could be construed as harrassment. At this point, reference this in your letter that they have attempted to derail communication and refused to cooperate and rely on the outside agencies and possibly an attorney's letter (consult an attorney on the legality of further direct communication and what consistutes harrassment with Trump University). 20. Finally, should you receive any POSITIVE RESULTS please share these online here so as to encourage everyone else and share tactics that work. I hope the time I have devoted for free here makes a difference in all of your lives as I want to see all of the Davids win over Goliath. It is possible. Have faith! Disclaimer: Please note I am not an attorney or rendering legal advice, so other than consulting the regulatory agencies mentioned, you must ask your counsel for their opinions on protests, direct communication, or other strategies mentioned above with Trump University should you be uncertain of your rights and the laws that govern your states. This post is for informational purposes only and provides information already available to the public through the regulatory agencies, websites, consumer advocacy groups and law firms. Before making any decisions regarding contacting any of the publicly available resources listed, you should contact an attorney to be fully aware of your rights and legal ramifications of any action taken. Good luck!

Trump U preys on the elderly

This is the biggest SCAM I've ever seen!  My 82 year old father went to a free seminar promising to make him rich through real estate.  The seminar was solely for the purpose of upselling him into attending a $1500 three day workshop by promising him they would teach him how to buy and sell forclosures for huge profits (which is totally unrealistic because the vast majority of forclosures today are because people are upside down in their homes)  Anyway, he goes to the 3 day workshop and when he comes home we find out that they pressured him into spending $35k MORE!  I don't care who you are there is no real estate course worth $35k.  Then he proceeds to tell us how the majority of people there were SENIORS like him!  These aren't long term investors here, these are people being tricked into thinking they can make a quick profit!  If this isn't the definition of preying on the elderly then I don't know what is.


This Trump University is a huge scam. Not sure what people get out of it, but Donald gets their money!

You all are loosers. Trump

You all are loosers. Trump University show me how make some money working with foreclosures. I bought a really cheap house, fixed it and rented it. Now I have a steady monthly income of $1,500. I am on my way to buy me second property. Trump University teach you much more than just real estate. They keep you motivated to be successful. We are a big group of students that meet about once a month at all the seminars, we exchange ideas and are very happy of each other accomplisments.

Instead of wasting all your energy complaining about Trump University, start doing something, and change your life for the better.

Thank you to Donald Trump and my Mentor and all my Teachers.


I think taking 35k from a 82 year old is a bit much. I enjoyed some of the courses at Trump U but there are much easier ways of learning to invest and not having to spend 35k. There are also better teachers out there that charge alot less. First and foremost the teachers at Trump U are not professional instructors. Most are are motivational speakers.

You would feel alittle different if it had been your 82 year old Father. You might think twice about calling people losers.

Nice that you liked it

That doesn't seem like a very high income. I don't think Trump is interested in anything else than making money. Except for teaching you how to live on credit I do hope he gave you something worth your money. Credit cards are nice but you shouldn't rely on credit too much or it will hit you sooner or later.

Your a liar..

Your a liar..

I believe that attending

I believe that attending seminars or going to colleges are just ways to get knowledge.  I think it takes more than this to be successful.   It's more of what you do with the knowledge you acquired.

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