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Your rating: None Average: 4 (2 votes) Reviews RealtyTrac Claim: RealtyTrac is the most trusted and leading online foreclosure marketplace and real estate investing website providing a one stop shop for home buyers, investors and real estate agents looking to locate, evaluate and buy bargain properties below market value. RealtyTrac publishes over 1.5 Million foreclosure, pre-foreclosure, properties in default, short sale foreclosure, foreclosure auction, bank foreclosure, and deed in lieu of foreclosure property listings in nearly 2,500 counties, and is the foreclosure data provider to Yahoo Real Estate and The Wall Street Journal’s Real Estate Journal. In addition, RealtyTrac provides tools and resources including help to analyze and buy distressed properties, loan history, comparable sales, cost to restore estimates, owner contact information, daily email alerts and property updates, easy financing, monthly and quarterly foreclosure rates, and even assistance for those facing foreclosure. RealtyTrac also offers an extensive knowledgebase and learning center with videos and articles cover topics from “How foreclosure works” to “How to stop or avoid foreclosure” and even simple home improvement videos, such as “How to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.” If you are in anyway interested or involved with foreclosures, RealtyTrac is your ideal resource.


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Independent RealtyTrac Reviews
"Not only does this site provide you with current foreclosure listings, it is also a great resource for those looking to learn more about the foreclosure process, state specific laws and community demographics. They also include Google maps in most of their posts."
"The first thing we noticed about the RealtyTrac website is the wealth of tools and resources offered – and you don't even have to be a member to access some of them! There were articles and guides covering foreclosure topics such as how the foreclosure process works and how to buy foreclosure properties. There was even a helpful home value calculator."

The Oregon Herald
"This seems to be yet another example of an attractive website with an attractive idea that charges what we feel are ridiculous prices with little to offer in return. We feel that this online business is operating fraudulently and should be avoided at all costs. It should have been a warning when they came on like a pack of wild dogs with a constant barrage of emails and offers, even though our reporter opted not to receive such email."

Ray Caran
"We also received daily email notification of properties that fit our investment requirements. They even offered to allow us to send postcards directly to homeowners in default. On top of everything else we were able to evaluate, sort and track properties en masse and create mail merge lists. Calculate how much time you will save and the ease of evaluating property while you sit at home and you will come to the correct decision."
What RealtyTrac fails to mention is that these listings are not homes that you can buy. This is a list of every house that has a mechanical lien on the house. These people are still in the house with no intention of selling."

BBB Review
Although an A+ from the BBB, reviewers claim "Most complainants allege unauthorized credit or debit card charges relating to the 7 day trial offer. Other customers complain of unclear disclosures, or that they experience difficulties implementing cancellation procedures."
"I canceled my account with Realtytrac after two months. I used their website instructions and the web page said I had canceled my subscription. I just now noticed they have been charging me ever since..."

Rania M.
"After 5 hours of research, I called Realty Trac to let them know that their website had the wrong info for a couple of leads I found. They said they would look in to it and call me back because I was still interested. 5 days later I get a call from Realty Trac wanted to offer me a 4 months trial for the price of 1 month. What a joke. I explained to the operator that I thought they were calling me in regards to the false leads and then after we spoke in regards to my issue, the operator decided to hang up on me. "
"As an industry professional with access to other methods of obtaining information, I find this product to have limited reliability," while it "does provide a good general overview and some helpful tools but not anything I couldn't produce through other means."
"All the bad reviews commented on the fact that the information Realtytrac provided was useless because it was so out of date, in spite of the fact that the site states that its information is updated every day. "
"I was surprised at how many properties were listed on their site in my area, but when I checked on them, they were so out of date! Most of all the "upcoming auctions" had already come and gone and have been sold."


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HOW DO I MAKE REALTY TRAC To stop charging me?? i tried contacting them but there is no way of reaching them. I did cancel subscription before the 7 day trial. How can they do this?...anyone please help!!

Bouch's picture
Same old complaint

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with RealtyTrac. Unfortunately, this seems to be a common complaint among many trial members. Did you read the independent reviews featured here? Your best bet is to try the Better Business Bureau. During our initial assessment of the service, RealtyTrac seemed to respond to most of the complaints filed through that forum. Spamming RealtyTrac support via email may not cut it. Good luck and let us know what happens.

one thing

RealyTrac is a really great service and after my daughter told me how to use it I was looking all over for real estate deals. One thing that would be a great addition is if you could combine with one of the burglar alarms manufacturers to give us some crime mapping capabilities. A homes value has everything to do with where its located, and I currently have to go to multiple sites to find information which could easily be found at one! Hope to see it soon!

As an industry professional,

As an industry professional, I'll tell you this service is borderline useless. It is loaded with expired listings and many times has them listed as active when they've been off the market for nearly a year.

The free trail that is pitched as a 7 day period lasted 48 hours for me and then they charged me $49.95.

If you Google them, you'll find an abundance of these stories and claims of people being billed long after cancelling.

Stay away or be taken!


  I completely agree with the previous reviewer.

"I'll tell you this service is borderline useless. It is loaded with expired listings and many times has them listed as active when they've been off the market for nearly a year.

The free trail that is pitched as a 7 day period lasted 48 hours for me and then they charged me $49.95.

If you Google them, you'll find an abundance of these stories and claims of people being billed long after cancelling.

Stay away or be taken!"

I will also add the the most important information you want in order to buys forclosed and short sale homes - like which bank to contact, how much is owed, etc - is not there. The information provided in the website is available in all regular MLS listing websites and also and similar websites. If you use google + +; you will find more information than this website gives you.  This website is a scam - STAY AWAY!!






can't agree more. it was really interesting to read this post

Leticia Friend's picture
unethical housing market

I completely agree with Karen Nalven (the BBB president in Clearwater), that many unethical companies are now seeing their chance to step in and make some money off of these troubled homeowners. There are already 325 complaints registered about these companies. And the general amount of refunds asked has already reached $600,000….Many people are now losing an awful lot of cash advance along with their houses through these unethical foreclosure rescue machinations…..How long will it last?

fraudulent foreclosure

My house is listed on realty trac as a pre-foreclosure. However, my house isn't in any sort of forclosure preceedings. We have perfect credit and the banks confirm our mortgage is current and there are no issues. Is this another scam by Realty Trac to have home owners do the free trial, give their credit card info and scam them like the site is scamming other folks??

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