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Your rating: None Average: 5.5 (2 votes) Reviews Real Writing Jobs Claim: Real Writing Jobs is a freelance opportunity for those that wish to make decent money writing for others online. With content being a very important commodity online, the demand to outsource content creation has never been higher for webmasters and businesses. In short, Real Writing Jobs is a portal that connects writers and companies requiring their services. What you will make is solely dependant on how much time and effort you put into completing tasks. The rates per job vary, but you may earn up to $100 per article, $500 per short story, $50 per blog post, $150 per day responding to emails, $20 per hour writing reviews, or $45 per hour proofreading and editing books and movie scripts. If you spend a typical 8 hour day writing from home and complete a task per hour, the income potential may suffice for a full-time job, or you may only want to complete a couple tasks per week to supplement your normal income. New jobs are added daily and you may pick and choose with tasks to complete and on what topic. In addition, Real Writing Jobs has thousands of dollars worth of free tools to assist you, such as an article and novel writer, idea generator, research tool, typing trainer, and much more. Some people are making in excess of $1,000 per day. Real Writing Jobs can’t guarantee you’ll make that much, but if you’re not making at least $100 a day, you’re turning down too many jobs.


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World Survey Group, LLC
Online Freelance Writing Jobs
$77 ($4.95 7 Day Trial)
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
6/10 initial post first impression rating.
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"With over 1000 composition jobs uncommitted and more existence added daily, is the biggest imagination on-line for determination high compensable composition jobs."

"Some inexperienced writers are concerned that their lack of expertise will limit their ability to make money writing articles. As long as a person can write at an eighth grade level, writing any of these articles shouldn't be a problem. Most people are able to write at this level and they also tend to get better as they write more often."

"After getting inside this real writing jobs membership I fillied out my details and details of my sites and logged out, waiting for an offer of a blog post or a story to see if someone would be interested in paying me to write a blog post or a story and I would go from there. 2 Days later i got my first blog post request with an offer of $25 for the blog post. They only wanted a short blog post of about 400 words that would take me 10 minutes to write so this was a profitable 10 minutes for $25."
"Be Realistic...Chances are you are not going to make thousands of dollars in your first month. It is much better for you to aim for a few hundred dollars when you first get started."
"Mοѕt companies tһаt аrе affiliated wіtһ Real Writing Jobs аrе those wһο аrе іח dire need οf content аחԁ articles іח tһеіr websites οr blogs. AƖmοѕt еνеrу topic under tһе sun frοm, online products, services, opinion, health, sports, уου name іt."
"The way that these sites work is that they have software that visits a collection of job search sites, freelance websites, and other places where work for writers gets posted. They then return these results in your members’ area...First off, the really high paying jobs require the ability to not only write well but to be able to write on highly technical issues like medicine or electronics. Second, if these jobs do get publicly posted they are reserved for highly experienced writers that can provide web references for their work. Bottom line is, don’t get too excited about massive payouts. Realistically you’ll be looking at a range of $5 – $12 per article or blog post."

Overall a B+..."I signed up for this site as an experienced freelance writer. I currently free lance for 5 different companies, none of which I paid to work for. The applications were easy to complete and I heard back within the first week on all applications. had good tutorials for people just beginning their writing career. There are definitely freelance writing jobs available that the site will help guide you to."
"From my perspective this is one of those membership sites where if you are new to Free lance writing online you might sign up. But if you know anything about how Free lance writing works online you would probably won’t. That’s my two cents."


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Personally, I think any

Personally, I think any website that you have to pay THEM for YOU to make money is a scam, in and of itself.  There are so many other freelance writing websites that are FREE (unlike this one), such as or, that this is just NOT worth it.  Two thumbs DOWN.

I have personally had a very bad experience with these people. I signed up, realised it was not for me, and attempted to cancel within the 7 day trial period. They have ignored every one of my emails via their own "support" site. I have had to cancel my credit card to stop them taking monthly fees for a service which I cancelled, but they refuse to acknowledge. I'm now waiting to see if they send out the debt collectors.

This company is STEALING our money.  they promise a 7 day trial that you pay for but can send them cancellation at any time to stop payments.  I cancelled my membership the day after i signed up realizing that they had nothing to off AUSTRALIAN'S and they do not respond at all.  i have used the ticket system on their site as well as emailing the support email and they do not return any mail at all. I have know found out that they close the tickets without a response and don't stop any payments.  They have cancelled my account now but have taken my money.  Bad luck for me that my bank let it go through and there is nothing i can do but continue to try and contact them.

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