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5 Steps to earn quick money and lead a Debt-Free life this New Year

 ‘The more the merrier’- this must be believed by most people in the US. With the rising commodity prices and the after-effects of inflation, US consumers are finding it pretty impossible to save money, leave alone the thought of becoming rich. You must have come across many creative ways of managing your personal finances but very few have been able to follow it and achieve the desired results. Not incurring credit card debt must be your financial resolution for this New Year.

Direct Loan Lender - Things To Look For To Avoid a Shady Payday Loan Lender

 So, you want to know how to obtain payday advances on-line quickly. It is advisable to acquire your payday loan through direct lenders which possess great Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating and can rapidly approve fast cash loans easily and without any hassle.

Why Do You Need Money, And How Do You Make More Money?

Need for Money, Make More MoneyMoney is often a touchy subject to talk about, but it seems like whenever the topic presents itself, people express that they would like more of it. Whether it’s a few hundred extra dollars a month or a wish for that winning lottery ticket, it’s a fairly common request among all of us. Now, it may be true that we do not have enough money to pay all of the bills at the end of the month, but is it because we need more money?

Forex Trading: Binary Options Offer an Attractive Alternative Way to Trade

The Retail Forex Market has come a long way in the past decade. Back in the 1990s, the world of foreign exchange trading was purely the domain of large global banks, central banks and large financial institutions. The smallest lot size was $1 million, and the average transaction was roughly $5 million. However, a few creative brokers developed aggregation schemes that allowed for smaller lot sizes and in combination with online software trading platforms, retail forex trading was born and made available for the average consumer on the street, or better still, on the Internet.

6 tips to prepare a zero based budgeting

Zero budgeting is a strategy which starts from a 'Zero base'. Every dollar that you earn and spend is actually assigned to your budget. Your income minus your expenses equals zero. Hence the name Zero Budget. Although the idea sounds simple enough, it requires a lot of planning, well ahead of time. You need to keep a good track of every minute details.

Create yourself a zero budget:

Could you use an extra $1500 - $2000?

Greetings to all bloggers here

If you want to find out how to receive $1500-2000" in the form of cash that you do not have to pay back or pay any out of pocket fees to get, please send  me an email at financial.ingenuity@gmail.com with your name & email address, so I can send you the details.

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Walang impossible sa Paginoon"
"Nothing is impossible with God"

Get A Loan Without A Job From Direct Lenders

Cash loans get a lot of media attention nowadays, and much of critics. In case payday advances are handled for the intended purposes though they might be rather handy. You will evidently realize that payday advances in reality are not at all bad when you get direct payday lenders only, which take a list of legal responsibilities and agree to explicate regarding how the cash loan works.

Should I Use a Credit Card to Build Up Points for Rewards?

Get Out of Debt Blog – Month 6

Are Credit Card Reward Points Worth It?October 2009 was sort of a ying yang month. Stocks fell, but I became fully vested in my company’s pension plan. Over a thousand dollar water bill, but my retirement accounts finally exceed $50,000. Our credit cards are paid off, but my wife continues to use them for points. That brings me to the question of the month…should my wife and I continue to use a credit card to build up points for various rewards. For example, we have accumulated 30,000 points in a credit card’s rewards program over the year. The approximate value of merchandise we can purchase with the points is equivalent to roughly $500. I will assume that requires about $1,000 worth of credit card charges each month to accumulate. Now that my wife and I are in a position to pay off the credit card in full each month, should we continue to use the card to build up points for these rewards?

The Best Free Online Budget Tracking Tool

Get Out of Debt Blog – Month 5

Free Online Budget TrackingIf you haven’t been following my quest to get out of a half million dollars in debt, I suggest you begin with My Journey to Payoff half a million in debt or check the Get out of Debt Blog master page.

I’m playing catch-up letting you all know of my progress.  For that I apologize.  I spent quite a bit of time entering my income and expenses for the past year with a new free budgeting tool I found called MoneyTrackin.  I submitted it to be added as a new opportunity here at MoneyStance.com because I think many others would benefit from it as well.  In conjunction with the net worth portion of the contributor rewards spreadsheet, MoneyTrackin is much more granular, produces great reports, and creates detailed graphs that I hope will convey the reality of my wife’s spending habits to help steer her toward my getting out of debt effort.

Apply For A Cash Advance Over The Phone

Is your checking account depleted and you could really use some extra funds - and must acquire it rather quickly? Do you wish to avoid the trouble of leaping through hoops making copies of all the necessary documents and making many phone calls back and forth? If these inquiries all produce the same yes answer you may be a good choice for a payday advance. Payday advance by phone operators are standing by to take your phone calls.

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