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Paid to Write prides itself on providing valuable independent, editorial, and unbiased user reviews of money making opportunities.  Our editorial reviews are unmatched online for accuracy and completeness.  We are looking for additional MoneyStance members to assist us in writing editorial money making opportunity reviews.

Your compensation for testing out an opportunity can reach $20 depending on the quality and accuracy of the review (e.g., proper English grammar and spelling).  In addition, you will receive a free copy or membership with whatever product or service we wish you to review.  That benefit in and of itself may be worth well over the $20 payment.  To qualify to become an editorial reviewer and get paid to write reviews, you must have done the following:

 How to Get Paid to Write Reviews

1. Register a free account on
2. Reach Contributor Rewards Tier II
3. Complete the Trial Review
4. Become a paid editorial reviewer

1. Register a free account on

This is a simple task where you create an account, a user profile, and begin contributing to the community.

2. Reach Contributor Rewards Tier II

This is the most difficult step, but it is required to weed out the spammers, unqualified, and un-driven folks. Please visit the contributor rewards page and view the current ways to earn points and the requirements for Tier II access.  As of 20 May 2010, all you need to do is earn 3,000 points and join the free NoBS Money Club.  You can earn points using any of the methods, but here is an example:

(a) Freely Join the NoBS Money Club
1000 Points

(b) Click on any opportunity reviews page that you have experience with and post a review in the comments section
100 Points for the Review and 500 Bonus for your first review

(c) Create a personal blog and add two entries
400 Points

(d) Continue participating with user reviews, on the forums, or with your blog between 5 and 10 more times and you’ll reach the 3000 points mark

(e) Submit access request to Contributor Rewards Tier II
We’ll validate that your participation is not spam, copied from other websites online (unique), and is of sufficient quality to grant access to Tier II. 

3. Get Paid to Write Reviews Trial

The first editorial review will determine if we want to continue offering review contracts to you on a regular basis.  Here is an example email request you will receive upon entering Tier II. Keep in mind, there is no obligation for you to participate in the paid reviews program, just simply respond that you do not wish to become an editor.

Hello Kathy

We would like to put you on a trial contract to see how you would fare as an editor.  Our editors never have to pay for the products they review; we will send them to you with instructions, some guidance, and payment details.  In this instance, we are asking that you review a resell rights archive called “Resell Rights Weekly”.  If you have no experience with resell rights, feel free to deny this offer and request another. 
Payment: $1-$10
Trial editors are on $1-$10 pay scale until their first review is published, then the maximum is raised to $20 and the minimum to $10.  For excellent quality reviews, a bonus may also be awarded.  The amount you receive is directly dependant on the quality of your work, such as length, insight, accuracy of the review, writing skills and an unbiased approach.  You are not obligated to provide a positive review, as we do not accept incentives from anyone to persuade the editorial review's outcome.  However, give credit where credit is due and really analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the product or program.  If our quality assurance editor has to rewrite most of the review due to poor English, grammar, spelling, or basic comprehension, then your payment will be minimal.  If the review is not an accurate representation of the product, then your payment will again be reduced.  We take great pride in our editors and usually have 2 or more editors reviewing a program at a time to ensure the best collaborative outcome.
Timeline: Review Due in 30 Days
Minimum Words: 1000
Program Name: Resell Rights Weekly
Username: MSE-Kathy
Password: ##########
     YOU MUST NOT SHARE THIS LINK, PRODUCT, OR ACCOUNT WITH ANYONE; IT IS THE SOLE PROPERTY OF MONEYSTANCE.COM AS AUTHORIZED BY THE OWNERS OF THE PRODUCT OR WEBSITE. makes arrangements with many vendors to allow our editors a review copy or membership with strict distribution conditions.  Any violations are grounds for immediate removal of access to the product, termination of your account, and full penalties of the law.
Review Guidance:
Resell Rights Weekly is a membership site offering thousands of products with limited, master, and private label resell rights.  Please see the Maverick Money Makers Editorial Review for an editorial review example. Some of the topics that need to be evaluated, discussed, and rated (1-10) are:
1. What is Resell Rights Weekly
2. Resell Rights Weekly Products
3. Income Potential using Resell Rights Weekly
4. Resell Rights Weekly Reality vs the Proximity to the Sales Page
5. Legitimacy
6. Cost vs Value
7. Ease of Use
8. Conclusion and Rating
(Feel free to add more categories if you feel it is relevant)
To get paid for your review, please send your completed review and paypal address to with the subject line “editorial review” for a quality assurance check.  Once the check is complete, payment will be sent to your paypal address.  We may use parts or all of your review for the published version.  Anything you submit to this address releases all rights you have to the article and grants sole license to publish online.  Any republication of your review is grounds for revocation of payment and termination of your account. 
Thank you for participating and sharing your experiences to the masses of people out there looking for legitimate opinions on money making opportunities. We look forward to promoting you to a full fledged editor and paying you to write great reviews.

4. Become a Paid Editorial Reviewer

Once your trial editorial review has been published, you may be brought on board as a editor and earn up to $20 per review plus free products and monetary bonuses.  Please let us know which opportunities you would like to review or in which field, and we’ll do our best to facilitate your requests. Don’t worry, you’ll never have to buy anything you review, we’ll supply you with access to all products or services so you can fairly evaluate the opportunity.

Please post any questions on our Get Paid to Write Reviews Program in the comments below.

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Get Paid to Write Reviews
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