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Maverick Money Makers Club Review Maverick Money Makers Editorial Review RatingMaverick Money Makers Claim: Mack Michaels’ Maverick Money Makers Club is an exclusive affiliate marketing course and experienced online money making resource. The course includes over 60 videos, numerous audio clips, and many other tutorials that teach you how to create automated income streams that will earn you over $350 per day just starting out. There are well over 12,000 Maverick Money Makers Club members and many are making tens of thousands of dollars a month working from home. Through the course and your step by step journey to internet riches, Maverick Money Makers will allow you to quit your day job after the first month of joining. By following the quick start guide, you will earn your membership enrollment fee back plus profits after the first day. This is a legitimate, proven, and easy work at home job opportunity that takes advantage of other company’s products and masters affiliate marketing techniques. Mack will show you where you can access tens of thousands of products to sell and how you can get thousands of buyers for those products using his proprietary automated systems. In addition, MMM offers multiple products for resale, online auction techniques, internet business management, traffic building, PPC strategies, advertising avenues and much more. Mack Michaels is a self made internet millionaire and the #1 work at home consultant in America. Whether you have no experience whatsoever or are a brilliant marketer, join the Maverick Money Makers Club to learn from the best and discover the secrets of success.

Note:  Maverick Money Makers Redux is now the Millionaire Society at a Glance


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Maverick Money Makers Club
Affiliate Marketing and Online Money Making Course
Average $97
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
9.3 Editorial Rating

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Maverick Money Makers Walkthrough

Maverick Money Makers Club Walkthrough


Editorial Maverick Money Makers Review

Maverick Money Makers Editorial Rating

 Overall Score.....................9.3

Club Videos......................10
Quick Money Blueprints.........10
60 Second Guides....................9
Turnkey Products................9
Additional Club Features.......10
Income Potential...............10
Proximity to Claim.............8
Cost vs Value......................8
Ease of Use......................9

Pros: Monthly updates, many informative HD videos, a huge resource, quality content, covers every aspect of making money online, many products for resale, great step by step processes, 24/7 support center

Cons: Lots of hype and additional offers, where are the forums and community interaction, reoccurring membership fee

What is in the Maverick Money Makers Club?

Maverick Money Makers AwardMack Michaels is a salesmen for sure, but we were very impressed with the Club once we got through the introductory offers.  After we joined the Maverick Money Makers Club, we were offered VIP access for an additional $47, but after declining we were presented with another offer into the Maverick Elite Higher Education Training Series Project CPA Marketing System (what a mouthful) for $197, which claims to make you over $15,000 in 15 days, but we again declined.  Mack sure makes both additional options sound tempting, but those can be reviewed some other time.  There is a lot of sales hype behind everything Maverick, but for good reason.  The club itself holds up to our quality assurance test and we’d assume the introductory offers parallel the quality of the membership area, but we cannot be sure.  Just to note, if you decide to sign up for the Maverick Money Makers Club, be sure to close out the browser window and use the link in the popup chat box to get $18 off the price.

Maverick Money Makers Videos

Maverick Money Makers VideosThe Maverick Money Makers Club is a membership site that houses a ton of information about making money online and there is quite a bit of additional content, turnkey products, ebooks, and videos added each month to make the membership fee worth the investment.  During our Maverick Money Makers Review, the first thing we were introduced to is the three strategy videos, one for beginners, intermediates, and expert levels of experience making money online.  This is probably the best place to start and determine which resources of the club you’ll utilize first.
We calculated that there is over 500 hours of video and audio content within Maverick Money Makers.  The three strategy videos are roughly an hour in length and all three introduce you to the basic features of the club and depending on your experience, where you should begin.  The basic strategy video is a simple walkthrough on creating affiliate accounts, selling other’s products, and what resources of the club you’ll find most useful.  The 2nd and 3rd strategy videos follow the same pattern, but involve progressively more aggressive techniques of affiliate marketing.  The expert video takes the approach of developing your own product and instituting an affiliate program.  The strategy videos only really cover an overarching explanation of different ways to make money online and how Maverick Money Makers can assist you in achieving your goals.  These are not the meat and potatoes of the club. 
The Core Training Videos are step by step tutorials on website development, traffic building, spying on profitable trends, search engine optimization, content creation, video marketing, and social networking.    The Skillset Videos of the club delve deeper into each medium of making money online and how to do it.  For Example:


Skillset Videos
article marketing techniques
using Google alerts
finding affiliate products
using ezines
free traffic sources
social networking
press releases
classified ads
pay per click marketing, mastery, and traffic generation
adMob mastery
Twitter mastery
using doorway pages
HTML editors
creating and embedding videos
building your first website or blog
choosing a domain name
using domain forwarding
finding profitable blogs and sites for guest posts or endorsements


The core and skillset videos are the meat and potatoes of the club.  The videos are anywhere from a half hour to an hour and a half in length.  They are similar to a PowerPoint presentation with screen captures and voiceover.  We were pleasantly surprised that the videos were not just a self indulgent man preaching on a stage quoting a bunch of “You can do it” clichés, and trying to sell you a seminar.  Instead, these are real examples and strategies of successful steps to make money online.

The core videos go through the procedure of creating a website, how to search engine optimize the site, and the best ways to build relevant traffic.  The skillset videos refine what is covered in the core videos and introduce many more specific strategies to make income online with your own product, selling others’, with or without a website, and a number of other opportunities.

Quick Money Blueprints

Quick Money Blueprints ReviewWhile reviewing Maverick Money Makers, we uncoverd the golden egg of the program.  By following the step by step directions outlined in these videos or guides, the Quick Money Blueprints are fast acting ways to make money online, such as with online auctions, sending leads via free trial offers, using Yahoo answers, following Google trends, flipping websites, or becoming a super affiliate.  The Blueprints also outline strategies and techniques of using press releases, bum marketing, forum marketing, niche discovery, finding target customers, gathering keywords, working with a budget, ebay tips, creating a magical auction, Adbrite mastery, and more.
The blueprints average about 10-15 pages, but really have a clear goal as to what it is trying to accomplish.  They’ll start out explaining the pros and cons of making money with a particular method, and then Mack will detail what he does that works.  He’ll give you examples and then a step by step guide on what to do and where to do it.  If the method is article marketing, he’ll show you how to choose the right product to promote, what to write your article about, and how to make your effort generate the most income.  They are pretty specific with no fluff and are great resources for getting your feet wet making money online.  Advanced marketeers may also find something they have yet to try.

60 Second Guides

60 Second Guides ReviewFollowing the trend of the quick money blueprints, Mack also created 60 second guides for the impatient of us.  These include coming up with business ideas, writing and monitoring business plans, setting up a home office, developing a marketing plan, finding your niche market, conducting market research, getting endless referrals, effective CPM, fighting business burnout, organizing your business, and making good impressions.
These guides are more like a blog post relating a list of tips, explanations, procedures, or other bullet point information.  They generally are a single page with some headers and a description.  If you were to read a 60 second guide to brushing your teeth, it would say “buy a tooth brush, floss, tooth paste, and mouthwash.”  Then it would explain the procedural steps and the techniques of each action.  Very basic, but a good quick learning tool.

Turnkey Products of Maverick Money Makers

Turnkey Product ReviewsNot only does Mack give you hundreds of hours worth of information to absorb, he provides you products already created and packaged for resale.  There are probably over a hundred ebooks in every conceivable niche that you can edit and resell as you wish, and many more are added monthly.   You could build a whole empire on just reselling these products.  Some examples are staying young, organic gardening, making chocolate, keyword research bible, gas savings devices, profiting from crap advertising, bounce back dating, article marketing, and many many more.  Read them and learn for yourself or develop a marketing campaign around them using the numerous strategies outlined throughout the club.  
This is probably the biggest reason to remain a Maverick Money Maker once you’ve consumed all the other material.  Some of the ebooks you can resell are 200+ pages and written very well.  Each ebook comes with a variety of html sales pages and images to use in the promotion of reselling the books.  The only downside would be the saturated market created by other MMM club members selling the same material. 

Additional Club Features

Maverick Money Makers Club FeaturesMack has brought together some of the best minds and millionaires in the business and each have a series of informative and inspirational words.  They include; Zig Ziglar, Lee Milteer, Jerry Clark, Mike Vance, Mark Victor Hansen, Anthony Robbins, Randy Gage, Tamara Lowe, and more are added each month.    
The Club has a testimonials section in the member’s area that isn’t for public view.  We are not sure why they are not included in the marketing campaign for the program, but there are near a 1000 positive testimonials from club members.  
The Maverick Money Makers Rolodex contains a huge list of links to a variety of tools and services broken down by category, such as contextual advertising companies, affiliate networks, graphic design tools, help desk software, web hosting companies, keyword research tools, lead generation sources, live chat software, membership site management, market research tools, outsourcing networks, press release companies, shopping cart services, survey and polling software, web analytic tools, and more. Mack includes two great articles as well; “50 Ways to Make Money Online” and a gigantic list of niche marketing ideas.
MMM also has a generous affiliate program offering 50% commission on any members you refer to the club and an additional performance bonus where you can earn an extra $5 - $25 commission on each referral dependent on how many you sign up.  If you sign up 350 people in one month, you’ll receive an $8,750 bonus for example. What’s great is you don’t even need to be a club member to market the affiliate program.  Although, Mack sure does a good job telling you how to market Maverick Money Makers as an example in many of his videos.

Maverick Money Makers Income Potential

How much money can you really make joining Maverick Money Makers?During our Maverick Money Makers review, It became apparent that it is almost impossible to nail down how much income you can make while being a member.  Mack has thoroughly detailed just about every way to make money online and how to go about marketing to be successful.  Everyone will make different amounts of money depending on the time invested and the skills acquired.  You have to go out and implement the teachings.  Many just won’t follow through or keep at it.  Making money online is something that requires effort and persistence, but will inevitable pay off.  Some of the strategies will offer you an immediate return, but a significant time investment is required to reach the kind of money talked about in the claim.  The techniques outlined in Maverick Money Makers are the best of the best and would take you much longer to learn through trial and error or aimless seeking the information online.  We give MMM's income potential a 10, all the tools and information is there in a clear and concise manner, you just have to take the initiative and do it.

Maverick Money Makers Proximity to Claim

Is Maverick Money Makers Honest?Mack Michaels’ claims are extravagant, but not totally unreachable.  If we had to estimate, less than 1% of the MMM club members will be able make the $171,168 dollars per month claimed on the sales page.  That kind of money needs to be built up over time, and having a high profile program, such as the Maverick Money Makers is sure to bring in that kind of income.  Anyone with the skill to create such a product already knows what they are doing and has the skills to be an internet millionaire.
However, the $350 per day to start is reasonable.  With all the resources and step by step guides, it would be fairly simple to achieve that sort of success with minimal effort.  Everything Mack says on the sales page is full of fluff and hypotheticals, but there is no denying the simple fact that everything you need to make money online, in just about every fashion, is presented to you on a silver platter with this membership. 

Maverick Money Makers Legitimacy

Is Maverick Money Makers Legitimate or a scam?Maverick Money Makers is not a scam, scheme, or anything of the sort.  This is a legitimate information product that gives you everything it says it will.  However, the income is solely dependent upon the member to properly follow the steps, think creatively, put in some work, and choose the ideal online money making method that best suits them.  MMM is also part of the Clickbank network and as such is mandated with a 60 day return policy and backed up by service agreements. 

Maverick Money Makers Cost vs Value

Is Maverick Money Makers Worth it?Maverick Money Makers is not cheap, but neither is the product.  Some of Mack’s sales pages claim the information within the program is worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  We wouldn’t go that far, but it certainly is worth $97, or $79 if you use the chat box prompt link.  We would argue it is worth double or even triple the cost of the membership.  The only issue we have is that it is a membership site, not a purchase and own situation.  Therefore, if you consume all the content within the first 30 days and take good notes, there is less reason to continue membership.  
The site has monthly updates to quite a few sections, but the value of the updates does not equal the reoccurring $97.  However, losing the product resale rights for hundreds of ebooks might sting if you’ve invested time reselling them.  If you decide to purchase the VIP membership for an additional $47, you’re allowed to download the videos to your local computer and save all the information for later viewing, even after you cancel your membership.  Maybe purchasing the membership once a year will be sufficient to check out all the new material and then cancel again.

Maverick Money Makers Ease of Use

Is Maverick Money Makers Easy to Use?The membership site is very easy to use and navigate, but the information within may be daunting to implement for beginners.  We’re scoring this a 9 because the product itself is easily accessible, the menus are very straightforward, the graphics are self explanatory, the content is easily conveyed, and the affiliate program has tons of banners and other marketing tools.  We have to reduce the Ease of Use score one point just for the fact that some of the techniques described in the course are intermediate to expert level strategies and newcomers to the online money making genre are going to find a steep learning curve. 

Maverick Money Makers Review Conclusion and Rating

Maverick Money Makers RatingMaverick Money Makers is one of the highest rated membership sites on Clickbank and we can see why.  Basically, anyone who can use a computer and has access to the internet can utilize the information Mack provides to create enormous income online.  We struggled to find a fault in the program, but were hard pressed to find anything significantly wrong with the club.  Maverick Money Makers may be a bit overwhelming for beginners, intermediates will find a treasure trove of great strategies, and experts will benefit from the refresher and probably find a host of new techniques they never even thought about.  

After you sign up for many other programs, you will be bombarded with $5,000 seminar invites that promise to give you the keys to the money making castle, but with Maverick Money Makers you’ll get the keys once you join the club.  Our Maverick Money Makers review awards a 9.3 to the MMM club.  Everything you need to make money online can be found in the quality skill driven videos, audios, ebooks, and the vast amount of products with resale rights.  Once you get past the hype on the sales page, you’ll leave the fluff behind for real, informative, and step by step resources to be an online success.  Give Maverick Money Makers a try and come back to tell us what you think with a user review. 




Independent Maverick Money Makers Reviews

"I loved the secret weapon that you won’t even find online that gives you access to a mob of hungry buyers who are waiting to give you their credit cards right away."
"the system was so effective that I managed to earn well over $300 in the first week! I continued to apply what I learned and had earned almost $2,000 by the end of my first month."
"Do not expect to start making $300 per day within your first week, because although Maverick Money Makers will enable you to get real results fast, those results will come gradually as you build your business units so to speak...probably the most profitable business you can start with less than $200 in your pocket, with a real chance for short term tangible success and substantial long term profit potential."
"The best part is that all the members can learn from each other. Many successful ones will share how they did it in the community area and you will have full access. That’s why they call this a secret club."

Wendy Carrington
"Quick Money Blueprints is my favorite and has a number of techniques that show a quick method to make money."

Terrence Stone
"I could have never imagined that I would make almost $8,000 just a few months after starting. I think if I put a little more effort into it and actually treat it more like a “job” then I could easily surpass the $10k mark, and maybe even the $20k mark if I put like even 6 hours or so a day into it."

Andrew Allard
"What I personally liked about the product was how it gave me 'step-by-step' exactly what to do, and it was all in the least time consuming methods. It's all in video and audio, so it's a lot easier and faster to go through than reading ebooks"
"Mack Michaels is undoubtedly the person who knows what is he talking about that is why even advanced internet businessmen listen to his advise."
"I have never seen so much content in one place. It’s price ($97/month) is also quite reasonable, considering the fact that you wont need to buy any other product once you get this."

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User Maverick Money Makers Reviews

User Reviews are posted in the comments below.  You may post reviews anonymously, but to officially rate Maverick Money Makers and receive contributor rewards, please register.


Discuss Maverick Money Makers and other affiliate marketing opportunities.



I've seen them around before but figured it was just another get rich scheme. Maybe I'll check them out.

How to make money while browsi

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Is Maverick Money Makers Worth it Debate


I had to register to thank you for this review and share my story. Before joining Maverick Money Makers, I searched and searched for an honest impartial review of the club, but all I found were vague solicitations from affiliates and those slamming the program and trying to convince you to buy something else. It is very difficult to research if Maverick Money Makers is worth it or a scam. I decided to give the club a try, and after 30 days I wanted to leave feedback on one blog that posted a very negative review of Maverick Money Makers. I had also sent the owner a link to this moneystance editorial review which gets much more in depth. The blog's webmaster emailed me and refused to publish my comment. The following is a transcript of our "worth it or scam" debate.

--Begin Transcript--

Blog Owner: "Before I allow your comment on my site, what EXACT strategies did you apply during your 30 days in Maverick Money Makers? I know several that DO NOT WORK. So tell me which one(s) you used. Did you make the purported over $350 per day? claims "Through the course and your step by step journey to internet riches, Maverick Money Makers will allow you to quit your day job after the first month of joining." Were you really able to do that? What method did you use for that one? Sounds like more of the MMM hype to me."

Me: "The quote you provided is part of the "Claim" portion of the review site. The initial paragraph is a paraphrasing of Maverick Money Makers' sales pitch that doesn't go on and on for 20,000 words. The paragraph is prefaced by "Maverick Money Makers Claim:" it is not my or the site staff's opinion. The editorial review does not start until further down the page and they even evaluate the reality versus the claim.

I've been using a number of affiliate marketing strategies for some time, and yes many of them were outlined in Maverick Money Makers, and yes $350 per day is achievable. If you read the entire review, I'm sure you'll be satisfied with their findings. I just don't like people calling it a scam when it apparently is not. That's what comments are for right? Discussion?"

Blog Owner: "Thanks for the response but you still didn't answer my question. What method(s) did you use? And what amount of money did you make? Your comment here is the reason you were able to have some semblance of success: "We've been using a number of marketing strategies for some time and yes many of them were outlined in Maverick Money Makers and yes $350 per day is achievable." Did you actually follow the steps given in the videos or just WATCH them & come to the conclusion that they looked like they work (which many people have done)? Newbies, who this info is aimed at don't have experience. "Mack's" videos are step-by-step & for ANY of them not to work is ridiculous. No matter what you or I say, people will have to make their own decision as to whether this is something they want to try. I say they will be disappointed. BTW, what is your position on Mack's name changes & the various lies he's told? Is that justifiable in your estimation as long as you can (possibly) make money?"

Me: "I've had great success with bum marketing and yahoo answers, as well as press releases following Maverick Money Makers' advice. A friend of mine Pete followed the techniques outlined with Google Trends and article marketing and he's making near $350 a day now. You can find his journal on the Digital Point Forums. He chronicles his steps to $60,000 in 10 months and most of his tactics are outlined step by step by Maverick Money Makers.

In your video review you talk about Mack using bait and switch techniques, but you do the same thing by slamming Maverick Money Makers and then promoting another related product. You never even get into any details about what information is in the club. As for the name changes, everyone uses a pen name, even notable authors. I have no qualms about that. Wouldn't it be better to have this discussion within the comments of your blog, as that is where we should be debating the program for everyone's benefit?"

Blog Owner: .....

--End Transcript--

So I wanted to share this with everyone as we both made some points worth considering when deciding whether or not to join Maverick Money Makers, or if it is potentially a scam. I believe that is impossible as the information in the club doesn't scam you of anything.  The blog owner just refused to publish my comments because he or she is just trying to promote another similar product, but banking on the search results for Maverick Money Maker Reviews.  Anyhow, this moneystance review has given me enough insight to join the club and I'm sure glad I did. People are always too quick to label something as a scam just because they failed themselves or have motives to pitch you their own products.

jairamae's picture
I am new..but would like to work real hard.


Appreciate the sharing of thoughts and experiences to clear up some misconception or perception on the business concept.  I do hope that the system works for me too.

I'll have to admit that it


I'll have to admit that it all sounds extremely interesting but my experience taught me to be prudent on "too good to be true" offers. I would be interested in getting those videos, I could use them to learn few important things on optimizing my website but I don't put much hope in getting back a far revenue within 60 days, I am too skeptical for that. I rather go conventional on that and rely on instead.

Maverick Money Makers

Nothing is ever guaranteed in life, you'll have to put effort into Maverick Money Makers can teach anyone how to make money online with his step by step systems. The creator does have other interesting products that could help.

Here is a full list of Mack Michaels Products

Binkie Mthethwa's picture
I'm highly interested!


 im very new still about to make a decision whether  to go on  with the system or not.

im quite possitive though and open to lots of learning, according to all comments, its seem pratically easy, and up to individually to step by step learn and put effort to it.

thank you very much for the information, hope this system works for me as well.

We hear of so many of these

We hear of so many of these online jobs which turn out to be hoaxes and know of several people who had lost their money through joining such “easy money” making ventures. But Maverick Money Makers certainly seems to have been in the field long enough and seem to have established themselves as a solid affiliate marketing course and experienced money making resource which will definitely be a big boon for people sitting at home to train themselves to be self-employed! I have found a new Charlotte online payroll company affiliate which i plan to promote soon, and this course will definitely help me in it.

The free affiliate videos

The free affiliate videos alone are very helpful to watch. Even if no one buys the course they should at least check out the free videos in the affiliate area.

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Maverick Money Makers Review

Maverick Money Makers

Overall Score..............................................9.3

Club Videos............................10
Quick Money Blueprints...........10
60 Second Guides....................9
Turnkey Products.....................9
Additional Club Features.........10
Income Potential......................10
Proximity to Claim.....................8
Cost vs Value............................8
Ease of Use...............................9

Pros: Monthly updates, many informative HD videos, a huge resource, quality content, covers every aspect of making money online, many products for resale, great step by step processes, 24/7 support center
Cons: Lots of hype and additional offers, where are the forums and community interaction, reoccurring membership fee

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