Is Pay Per Click Advertising the best way to monetize websites?

Pay Per Click Programs such as, Adsense, Adbrite, Chitika, Widgetbucks, and others allow web publishers to monetize their website by placing advertisements that payout per click.  However, is this the best way to capitalize on website traffic?  Would my effort to make money with a website be better served with a different monetizing campaign, such as affiliate marketing?

Ultimately, it depends on the type of website, your target audience, and the content therein.  Let’s look at three general examples of websites and examine which would be more successful with pay per click advertising.

Pay Per Click Monetization Analysis

A Computer Security Blog
This blog is written by a technical professional as a networking tool and to provide education for general visitors.  Would this blog profit the most by participating in a pay per click program?  I don’t think so.

In this example, the author is presenting himself as a subject matter expert and will be building the trust of his or her subscribers.  Many of the visitors will probably be others in the field with similar technical skills.  Therefore, taking the “recommended product” type approach, the blogger will certainly be able to convert a relatively high percentage of visitors to a sale.  This is best accomplished through an affiliate network with big name vendors, such as LinkShare.

An Archive of Fan Fiction Writings
This website utilizes a content management system whereby visitors are allowed to post stories.  Would this site profit the most by monetizing via pay per click programs?  I don’t think so.

In this example, the content generated by the visitors will not be search engine optimized and Google, et al. will have a hard time determining what a page is about.  This is the bane for contextual pay per click advertising.  Affiliate marketing may not be the best income generating avenue either, unless there is a major merchandising market for the fan fiction genre.  However, a service such as Adbrite may be the best monetizing method here.  Adbrite offers a pay per impression based service for web publishers.  With a stories archive, most visitors are coming to read for entertainment not information or to make a purchase.  Therefore, taking advantage of the large amount of users browsing the site and spending lots of time viewing pages Adbrite is probably your best bet.

A Personal Development Blog
This blog is a hobby site for someone passionate about improving themselves financially, emotionally, physically, and more.  Would this site profit well monetizing with a pay per click program?  I think so.

This blog has mass appeal with an almost limitless spectrum for content. 
Each post will probably be specific to a certain subtopic of personal development and perfect for a contextual pay per click program.  The majority of visitors will probably come from search engines looking for information pertaining to improving one aspect of themselves or another.  Such visitors will have targeted advertising displayed that focuses on the precise subject that landed them on that blog post.  Information seeking visitors tend not to have their wallets out but have itchy click fingers.  Pay Per click monetizing could not be beat here.

Now, Is Pay Per Click Right For You?

I’m not trying to devalue pay per click programs, but as you can see there is an assortment of website’s that will cater to making money in a variety of ways.  Don’t be stuck on Adsense because it is popular.  Your best served to experiment with a number of different programs to monetize your website and evaluate what works best to convert traffic into cash. 



Adsense does pay out for traffic that you get to your site, it's just that you need major traffic to make more than a few dollars a day through adsense. To make serious money you are going to need dozens of sites running adsense at the same time, or a combination of affiliate programs.

...or really good popular

...or really good popular site then.

So adsense works by just getting poeple to visit your site and see the ads?  There's no need for them to click the ads?

"So adsense works by just

"So adsense works by just getting poeple to visit your site and see the ads?  There's no need for them to click the ads?"

that would be nice. the ads just have to be there and clicked on, but so many people would be led off your site.

PPC is not cost effective for small websites...

PPC [Pay per click] is by far the best method to get SLOW but STEDY revenue, but for webmasters having single site or few sites with low traffic, PPC is just a nightmare.

IF someone want to work with PPC sites.. then basic element for his or her website is, number of VISITORS per day to his or her website. The more traffic a site have, the higher will be CTR [Click Through Rate], so ultimately it will be higher revenue from Pay per click networks.

Apart from Google Adsense, there are lot of other PPC networks present, out of which few are listed below:

  1. Adbrite
  2. Clicksor
  3. Bidvertiser  and many more...

For owners with small traffic, there are other options also available for getting revenue with small traffic. These include, Pay Per 1000 Impressions.... and Flat rate advertising.

Pay per 1000 impression will usually pay upto $0.50 per 1000 impressions.. mostly used by banner rotations...

Flat rate advertising is like selling ADSPACE... they pay you fixed amount per month, wether they get 1000 clicks on their ads or just 10 clicks on their ads.. its value is estimated with the help of monthly traffic to the website.


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