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Quixstar Amway Global Review Amway's Claim: The Amway Business Model is a proven, minimal risk, low cost, global opportunity open to nearly anyone. Amway is a 50 year old company that rewards you and others for marketing and distributing quality products in high demand, often exclusively, via high profit margins, monthly commissions, bonuses, trips and residual income. With over 8.4 Billion dollars in annual sales, Amway thrives in every economic landscape by providing individuals with entrepreneurial ambitions and the ability to control their own earning potential based solely on each individuals own efforts and hard work. Amway Business Owners benefit from proven techniques freely shared with each other via online training courses, personal mentoring, superior market research, personalized websites, warehousing and distribution channels and products that lead their respective industries globally, all at zero cost to their Independent Business Owners (IBO). Not only can you enjoy premium products and earn significant residual income yourself, but the business is also willable to your dependants…so they and the generations that follow them, will continue to receive the same income indefinitely. Every product offered through Amway or it’s dozens of partner stores (Best Buy, Sears, Barnes & Noble, Dicks Sporting Goods, Office Depot, Disney…to name a few) offer a full 180 day Satisfaction Guarantee….meaning, if you don’t like it for any reason you get 100% of your money back…for 6 FULL Months…no questions asked...including every penny of the registration fee for joining! Whether or not you have a background in business or sales, Amway provides everything necessary to help you run a successful home based business, just like the over 3 Million current active IBO’s globally.


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Amway Global
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Independent Amway Reviews
"Although not  technically  a pyramid scheme, Amway is almost certainly a cult whose members typically make no money while alienating their friends, family and acquaintances."
"The Federal Trade Commission has made it compulsory for Amway to put labels on products stating that 54% of its recruits do not earn anything while the rest make an average commission of $65 a month. This speaks volume about the moneymaking prospects of Amway. "

Brian Garvin
"Each distributor must sell at least 70% of their monthly stock purchases to qualify for bonus payments. To ensure bonus payments, each affiliate has to also sell to 10 different people each month; otherwise they might not receive any bonus payments at all."
"I have a great deal of respect for Amway Quixtar. It is extremely tough to find a Network marketing company that is $8 billion deep in sales revenue with quite a few top income money makers earning up to $850,000 a month. "
"Amway has an interesting and unique system where they basically encourage you to brainwash yourself with the Amway tools. Granted, they are not brainwashing you, you are choosing to do it to yourself. However, the good side of Amway would be that the people are encouraged to have big dreams, set goals, and to stay positive. They teach great sales techniques, leadership skills, and the power of positive thinking, hard work and determination."

Chris Gustafson
"The number one criticism of Amway is that it is a pyramid scheme of some sort. Well, sure... at first that sounds right. But in fact, that is completely wrong. What happens in a real pyramid scheme? It breaks down because the base of the pyramid eventually grows beyond the number of people available. All pyramid and Ponzi schemes fail in this way. This is how Bernie Madoff got caught. Now, how long has Amway been in business? Fifty years. The criticism is plainly wrong."
"As far as Amway’s compensation plan goes, there is room for improvement. Although I do not claim to be an expert on the issue, I do know, and have studied quite a few different pay plans. This one, however, is one of the most confusing. They utilize a breakaway plan that seems to pay just a fraction of what a company of this size should. This is sad too, because Amway has such a stigma that recruiting is very difficult, if they had a less confusing and more lucrative comp plan, they could overcome this. "
"The Better Business Bureau says that Amway Global is a Legal and Viable business and exceeds the stardards set by the Federal Trade Commission. There is no recruiting fee. The person who invites you on gets nothing when you get started. It has to be a win win. They have to help you get a return on your investment before they can get paid."
"I found that everything that was handed to me was vague and didn't give me what I wanted to know about the venture...I drove with a few other people to a meeting to try and get more information "from the horses" mouth so to speak. I must confess that alot of the information that is given is actually good advice for anyone that wants to better themselves...but it felt like I was in a Religious Revival Meeting/Business Pep Rally where the "gods" of the business came down to walk among the mortals. I could see why alot of people get into this business. It is contagious to be around positive people and this is what the people were being fed at such meetings."
"Amway claims that when you join, you get to buy all these products at whole sale!!!! This is one of the biggest deceptions in the world. What they do is say the retail price for a bottle of there shampoo is like 5-10$ and then subtract like 10-30% of that and call it wholesale, or the price you but it at. Then you pay all kinds of taxes, shipping fees and other little bullshit little fees that they throw in there. So actually you end up paying thier "Retail Price". And thier retail price is the same or much much higher than your average quality product from any store."
"The good old boy network is alive and well so if you don't fit the mold, you might as well leave and find something elsewhere because you simply will never advance. You advance based on towing the line, blindly following your "upline", not taking risks, and thinking outside the box - well that's right out. If you do, it's unsaid, but you're a troublemaker and will not advance. The leadership style is very military-like."

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I've Heard Great Things About Amway

Amway is a great company for anyone looking for long term mlm success. I'm personally not involved with Amway but I have a business associate that makes over 10k a month and is no longer promoting it. He stopped promoting 3 years or so ago but still reaps the benefits from his efforts.


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